New Living Room Layout

Good morning everybody!  Did everybody catch the Super Bowl last night?  We had two TVs going – one with the Super Bowl on and one with the Puppy Bowl.  I have to say, the puppy entertainment (and Kitty Halftime) gave those football players a run for their money!

Stephen and I had a crazy week (classes and contracts for me and a mid-week trip to Little Rock for him), so it was nice to have a weekend to relax.  I figured it was a great opportunity to snap some living room photos to share how our house is looking after all the recent furniture moving

For awhile, the leather couch that had been in Stephen’s office was just chillin’ at the back of our living room…

Couch Area Before

… and the window area where our loveseat had been was looking a little spare with just a chair and end table.

Window Area Before

As a temporary solution, we decided to try the leather couch by the windows instead.  If we decide to keep the couch around for awhile, we might consider a white or cream slipcover to keep this side of the room light.

Living Room Now

Another new addition to the room?  The console table from our entryway.  The area behind our couch was a little empty, but adding this piece has turned out to be a really functional solution.  Another plus, it’s the perfect dimensions for behind our couch (it was always a little too deep for the entryway).

Buffet Moved

Here’s the view looking over the console towards our backyard.  The addition of the bookcases and console have turned the back half of our living room into our own little library area.


You’ll remember this corner of the living room from when I made that new springy pillow cover.  I found this rectangular pillow cover (Pier 1) in my craft closet the other day and realized it would look great on this chair.  What do you think?

Chair Area

Here’s a close-up shot of the top of our console.  I found these brass cranes at a thrift store a couple years ago.  Ever since then, I’ve been seeing them everywhere.  The principal on Glee has these exact cranes in his office!

Cranes Close up

After a bit more tweaking, I decided to add the lamps from our entryway back on top of the console.  They don’t actually turn on yet (gotta figure out the power cord situation), but they just look cute up there!  The couch is long enough that a pair of chairs fit on either side of the console as well.

Console Lamps Pillow

So that’s the latest on how our living room is looking these days.  Stay tuned though… Stephen and I made a huge decision this weekend that is going to mean great things for our living room AND the rest of our house!  I can’t wait!  Yippee!

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