New Hallway Lights

Hi All!  We’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus as of late.  This summer has been busy, but this weekend Stephen and I did manage to make one little update here at Heardmont.

The lights we picked out for our hallway almost four years ago never really suited the style we were going for in our house, but they were the best and cheapest Lowe’s had to offer at the time.

Old Lights On Closer Old Lights
Old Lights Off

When we were in Colorado over spring break, we finally found something a bit more “us.”  I picked up two of these lights at the Denver Ikea and Saturday we installed them.

Light Fixture

First we flipped the breaker and the old fixtures came down.

Lights Removed

Then Stephen and I tag-teamed the light assembly so both lights would be ready to go when it was time to install them.

Assembling New Fixtures

Stephen is the King of Lighting around these parts, so he was in charge of wiring these up.

Wiring Up New Lights

Installing New Light

The light fixtures are actually held up by big green zip ties.  Seemed kinda funky at the time, but it worked!

Zip Tie Light

After the fixtures were up and the bulbs were in, we snapped the shades in place.  Much better!

New Light Off

The image on the left below is the best shot I could get to show the cool woven texture on the shades.  The right shows our new view down the hall.  What do you think of our new lights?

Lights On Centered New Lights

As a quick side note, the summer semester ends on June 29 and I’m planning on going wild on house projects before the fall semester starts in August.  Brace yourself for a flood of projects and posts in July! 🙂

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