New Floors: Installation

Those pretty pictures I promised?  They’re finally here!  Welcome to the world, new Heardmont floors.

Living Room Floors Preview

I took these pictures last Monday and Tuesday, when the installers were about halfway done with the floors.  They undercut the fireplace in the living room and the door frames throughout the house and laid the wood right under them.  (In case you missed it, we chose engineered wood floors by Invincible – 5″ wide Caldwell Oak planks in Antler Brown.)

Undercut Fireplace

This picture is not very true to color, but it give you an idea of how quickly these guys worked!  The floors were glued down and the blue tape held them together as they dried.

Hallway Long Shot

There’s the stack of lovely lovely new baseboards, waiting to be installed.

New Trim

And here’s how things were looking in the kitchen and dining area.  The guys moved the boxes of wood as they worked so that the heavy boxes were always on top of the most recently glued areas, weighing them down.

Kitchen Getting Flooring

Stephen and I were both amazed at how much bigger and more seamless our hallway and entryway looked with cohesive flooring.

Hallway Wood

Molly has been slip-sliding all around the house, but she’s finally getting used to the new flooring underfoot.  I think she approves.

Molly on New Floors

Tomorrow we’ll share the really pretty pictures – floors complete with new baseboards! Stay tuned. 🙂

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