New Floors: 90% Done

After talking with the flooring installers Tuesday afternoon, we decided the last room to get wood floors, Stephen’s office, would have to be prepped for installation that night.  The installers were working so quickly that they anticipated being able to finish his office Wednesday and install the baseboards Thursday!

Stephen's Office Now

Things were all well and good until poor Stephen, who’d been working his tail off every evening after work and dealing with installers while he worked from home all week, got a migraine.

That meant I was in charge of clearing out his office.  By myself.

I got the job done, but it was a long night.  Luckily, after Mr. Heard had taken his medicine and a good nap, he was able to come rip out the baseboards and laminate flooring in this room before bedtime.

Removing Baseboards

It was a bittersweet evening.  Even though the laminate flooring had been in this room since May ’10, we’d really just finished Stephen’s office in January and now we were tearing it up again!  We were able to save the laminate, though, so some lucky buyer at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore will be happy to get new floors at a lower price than we originally paid.

The installers showed up early again the next morning, and by that afternoon I was surprised to find all the floors were done and the baseboards were in!

Check out our new, very dusty, wood floors!

Entry Floors After Hallway After

Buckets of old tile were used to weigh down the transition pieces in the hallway as the glue dried.

Transitions Added

The installers made sure that there were no transition pieces between the rooms that got new floors.  The result is amazingly seamless.

Dining Floors

We’re still missing some quarter round in the kitchen, but the wood looks loads better than that linoleum did, right? 😉

Kitchen Floors

They ran the new baseboards around the beam we constructed (to hide the 2×4 in the ceiling from the old wall).

Trim Added

This is probably my favorite view of our new floors.  Everything flows so well now!

Whole House New Floors

The title of this post is New Floors: 90% Done.  The remaining 10%?  Turns out they ran out of wood before they could do Stephen’s office.

So all that work we did Wednesday night during Stephen’s migraine?  Kinda pointless.  The room STILL looks like this.

Office Cleared


We’re a little frustrated since the floors for this room will take another week or two (they’re still backordered), but overall we’re happy with how everything is turning out.  I just wish the flooring guys would get back out here and clean up the glue residue (they use a special solvent, I guess) so that we could finally move our furniture back in!

In the meantime, I suppose I’ll just sit and stare at this view.  It’s alright, isn’t it? 🙂

Whole House New Floors

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