Merry Christmas to Me!

We treated the Heardmont kitchen to an early Christmas present yesterday, in the form of these bar stools I found on Craigslist!

They’re a little worn, but they are so cute with the slatted backs and black metal supports.  At first I thought I’d paint them a fun color, but Stephen and I both actually really liked their warm brown tone once we saw them in our kitchen.

(oops! just a bit dusty!)

These replaced our black bar stools, which were always a little too tall for this spot.  Here’s a reminder of what those looked like.  Cute and simple, but do you see what I mean about them being too tall?  I know we could have cut them down to the right height, but our procrastination means now somebody else will get to enjoy them!

Now we have not two, but three seats at our island, and BONUS – no more sitting sideways on the stools cause my thighs can’t fit under the counter!

I’m pretty pumped about these swivel stools, even more so because they were a total steal.  Why buy new when you don’t have to? 😉

So what do you think?  Should we have stuck with the black ones, or are these new chairs as awesome as I think they are?  Or are you just distracted by the lack of kitchen baseboards I (thought I) so cleverly photoshopped outta these photos??  🙂

Another project for another (pay) day…

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