Merry Christmas Eve, Everybody

One last post before we head out for Christmas!  Stephen and I will be crossing our fingers that the rain here in Arkansas doesn’t turn to ice before we get to my mom’s house tonight.  Please pray for us and for all friends and family members traveling this holiday season!

I just wanted to show you all a few of our favorite ornaments this year.  You know, the ones that we just *couldn’t resist* putting on our tree?

This first ornament is the newest addition to our tree – a paper ornament I made for Stephen for our first anniversary this year.  I thought the material choice (our old wedding invitations) was especially appropriate and sentimental!

These next 3 are picture frame ornaments I got from a girls’ work Christmas party two years ago.  Of course the obvious pictures were ones of our dog Molly, cat Tina, and their ‘rents (taken on New Year’s Eve 2007).

Here’s another one that’s particularly special to us newlyweds, an antique (I think) glass wedding couple, given to us at our wedding.   The bride’s veil is real lace.

The last ornament I wanted to show is probably the most sentimental one on our tree.  This mother of pearl cross was the first tree topper Stephen and I ever owned.  It was on our tiny old tree when Stephen proposed to me and is the inspiration for our current tree topper!   Sooo sweet, huh? (insert cheesy comments here).

So there you have it.  A little run-down of just a few of our most sentimental ornaments.  I know Stephen and I are both looking forward to adding more special memories to our collection this year.

On that note, we wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2010!  Here’s to making memories 🙂

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