Master Closet Phase 4: Say Hello to My Stripes!

Y’all I am so happy with how this closet makeover is turning out!  After touching up the edges of the stripes last night, I stepped back and LOVED the new paint job!

Here’s a tip I forgot to mention yesterday for painting stripes: Take the width of your paint roller into consideration before measuring out your pattern.  Then if you want to make the painting process a little easier, make the stripes at least as wide as what you’re using to paint them.

My stripes are 6″ wide, which was the absolute NARROWEST I could make them and still use one of my 6″ foam rollers to apply the paint.  I’m so glad we didn’t decide to make them skinnier or I’d still be painting!

Here’s the view you get looking to the right side (my side) of the closet.  It took forever to get my measurements right, but I’m glad I took the time to make sure the stripes would be centered and the corners would match.

Check out those clean, clean edges!

Here is a look at the stripes above the doorway to our bathroom.

Now comes the fun part – storage and organization.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new storage we’ll be using in the closet.  (Eek! So excited!)

I’d better get on that, since THIS is what our room looks like when I decide to unload our closet and start painting. Poor Molly looks a little trapped…

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