Master Bedroom Redo: Race to the finish!

Holy Heardmont, Batman!  More than one post in a day?  And we still haven’t even done the big reveal??

We did four (count ’em, FOUR!) more projects on our two week journey to a finished master bedroom that deserve a mention because they really “make” the room.  BUT, rather than leave you in suspense for four more posts before the big reveal, I’ll show you the two little projects now and then the other two after you see it all come together.  Cool?

The first was this sweet yellow pillow I made:

This one was easy peasy, I just recovered one of our original brown accent pillows and added embroidery thread and a fun blue button for some contrast.

The hardest part was hand sewing the part of the pillow I had to leave open to stuff it.

I created another accent piece for the other side of the room using an old canvas I had lying around and 3 colors of paint.  I took this blank canvas and leftover wall paint…

… and turned it into this!

This was a completely fun and free project and added a perfect pop of color to our little sitting area.

What do you think?  Are you excited?  Bursting with anticipation?  Just wish I’d quit dragging it out and show the room already?

Fear not, all will be revealed TONIGHT!

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