Master Bedroom Redo: How to personalize your curtains on a budget

So I had a dilemma.  Where to find breezy, floor-to-ceiling curtains for the master bedroom that didn’t break the bank and still had pizzaz?

My solution?  Start with the basics.  I took two pairs of $12 JC Penney curtains from this…

… to this!

Want to know how I did it?

Let’s start at the beginning.  These curtains were fine on their own.  They were nice and thick, but still light and airy and a huge step up from the black holes for curtains we had before.  I just had a couple of issues with them.

First, I wanted floor to ceiling drapes.  Of course the sale bin at JCP didn’t have 95″ drapes, so I grabbed two sets of 84’s, knowing I’d have to tweak them.  Can you tell in that “before” picture above that the curtains were several inches too short?

Second, they had tabbed tops.  Not my favorite style because I can never keep those tabs looking neat and orderly, but again, something I could work with.

My first step was to start at the top and turn those tabbed-top drapes into tabbed-back drapes (to look similar to the curtains I made for my craft room).

I ironed those tabs toward the backside of each panel, pinned, and sewed them down.

Presto chango!  Now they looked like this:

Big improvement, but wait!  Now they’re at least a foot too short!

Well, I had a plan for that, too.

Remember the fun blue and white bedding we scored on the cheap?  That bedding set came with a patterned bedskirt, which we decided to forego in lieu of a white fitted sheet for our boxspring.  What better way to use an unwanted bedskirt than to chop it up into curtain extensions?!

First step was to cut off the bottom hem of all the curtains (since I still wanted a white stripe at the bottom of the curtains) and sew it to a strip of the bedskirt material.

After those two strips were attached, I carefully pinned the whole section to the bottom of the hanging curtain, took down the panel, and sewed on the attachment.

The end result, I think, is pretty amazing and fun.  Aside from my time, these babies only cost about $25 for four panels and are better than anything else I could have found at a fraction of the price!

Can’t wait to see how the whole room came together?  Stay tuned!

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