Master Bedroom Redo: Bedding and a mustard chair

After bringing the bare bones of our bedroom up to speed, it was time for the decorative touches.  Of course, the first logical place to start accessorizing was with the bedding.  We’d had cream walls and bedding for long enough that when I saw this lovely little blue and white number I practically ran home with it to finally see some color in our room!

Then, when I found that sweet little mustard yellow chair off of Craigslist, I knew I had to find a way to make the two work together.

The solution?  Blue bedding with yellow accents (stay tuned for the yellow pillow I made) and other yellow items throughout the room.

After we’d selected the bedding, we were ready to bring in the yellow chair, but not before cleaning it up a bit.

Remember how I didn’t know whether or not I should recover the chair?  As it turns out, all it needed was a bit of a cleaning and now it’s almost as good as new!  Our secret stain remover for carpet and upholstery is this little guy:

All I had to do was spray on the foam and scrub away using the scrub brush attached to the can, and all the dinginess was gone.

Our little retro chair found a home across from our bed, with another craigslist find – this cute little stool – acting as a side table.

We still have lots to show you so check back soon.

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