Master Bath Updates

We’ve made a few small improvements to our master bath over the past few days, and I want to share them with you.

Bath Mat: Remember when I asked for your opinion on our bath rug vs bath mat dilemma? After some great suggestions, lots of you voted that we use a washable terry cloth bathmat by the tub and keep the gray and white patterned rug in front of the sink. Well that’s exactly what we ended up doing.


I liked the idea of having two matching gray & white mats, but it turns out having one by the tub just wasn’t absorbent enough for our liking.  Now the white mat can be tossed over the side of the tub when not in use and thrown in the wash when it needs a cleaning.

Countertop: We’re quite pleased with how the butcher block countertop (stained and poly’d) is holding up to regular use.  I make a point to wipe it with a quick swipe of a towel or toilet tissue if I notice lots of water on it, but the shape of the sink has really helped to keep the countertop dry.  I also relocated the little yellow plate from my jewelry area to the countertop as a place to contain Stephen’s contact lens solution.


Ironing Station: Once we’d cleaned up and organized our master closet, we realized there was a little strip of wall between the closet and the bathroom that would be perfect for storing our ironing board.  For awhile the ironing board just leaned in this spot, but eventually we decided it was time to figure out a way to keep it there permanently.


We took a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond and picked up this little iron-keeper for $9.99.  It took less than 5 minutes to install.


It’s exactly what this spot needed.  I especially like that the iron can now be stored right there with the ironing board.


The iron-keeper box even said you can put the iron in place while it’s still HOT (as long as it’s unplugged).  I haven’t been brave enough to try that out yet, but maybe I will someday when I can sit there and watch the wall to make sure it doesn’t burst into flames! 🙂

I can say, however, that this little station has come in quite handy several times already, and I love that it gives the ironing board a permanent home up off the floor.


Yellow Vase: This last addition to our bath has a bit of a back-story that I think you’ll find funny.  A couple weeks ago, my friend Cara and I just happened to be off work on the same weekday and decided we should get together for some fun. We typically text each other cause it’s just so darn easy, and that morning wasn’t any different.

Here’s an example of the trouble you can get yourself into when you rely on AUTOCORRECT while texting!

Needless to say we went THRIFTing that day and had a great time.  Cara scored some awesome deals, but I won’t ruin the surprise on those items yet because I’m hoping that she’ll come do a guest post for y’all sometime soon (hint hint, Cara!).

I ended up spending less than $5 on our whole day of thrifting and came home with this cute little pelican plate for Stephen and a yellow bowl for me.

P1040525 P1040520

Stephen loved the little plate.  It’s currently being used as a catch-all in his studio for guitar picks and loose CDs.


My little yellow bowl ended up in our bathroom as a vase for the roses my grandma brought us at Easter.  Once the roses are gone, I’m thinking I’ll replace them with a green succulent (you know, something that’s hard to kill?).


Just a few little updates to keep things feeling fresh in our master bath.  Anybody else have an iron-keeper they love?  Or have you gotten yourself in trouble lately by relying on autocorrect while texting?  I couldn’t believe I did that!

P.S. I have to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts yesterday regarding all the rain we’ve been getting here in Arkansas.  Luckily our family did not experience any flooding or tornados firsthand, but our hearts go out to those who did.  The sun is finally back today and it looks like we’ll have a little reprieve before heading into another rainy weekend.  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts!

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