Master Bath Phase 3: Caulk, Caulk, and More Caulk

If you’ve just joined us, we’re working on a big remodel in our small master bath. We started with the demo and then showed you our inexpensive DIY board and batten.

Today we get to talk about caulk!  But first, are you ready to get a glimpse into what our board and batten looks like in white?  Here ya go!

I like to prime trim before caulking it.  I find that I can see the gaps and holes much better when everything is the same color than when I can see the grain and knots in the wood.  (Also, I was DYING to see how this B & B would look in white, and I’m happy to say i Looooove it!)

I bought 2 tubes of caulk, but have only used one so far in this room.  I used to use acrylic caulk, but I recently tried this silicone stuff, and it works soooo well!  I think I’m a convert.

The secret to keeping messes at bay when caulking is all about the size you cut the hole in the tube.  I try to cut mine as small as possible (and at a 45 degree angle) to control the flow.

Here’s the baseboard along the wall where we hang towels, post caulking.  You really don’t realize how much of a difference caulk makes until everything is sealed up and oh soooo smooth.

Where the trim pieces butted up next to the shower, we opted to seal them right to the shower surround so that no water could seep in and cause problems down the line.  I used my painter’s tape trick again.

Caulk it up…

And pull it off – viola!

I repeated the process on the other side of the shower.

Since this side also incorporated a shelf, I rubbed a glob of caulk (technical term, there) into the wood at the end of the shelf to seal it from moisture.

Side note: We’re already enjoying the benefits of these added shelves.  The one next to the door was the perfect spot to put my phone so I could talk to my mom on speaker while I worked away!

Even though I was a good girl and tried to keep messes to a minimum, this shot gives you a good idea of how messy it still can be.  Luckily the mess ended up on toilet paper and not on our walls!

The caulk I use is paintable within 30 minutes.  Just the caulking step of this project took an entire evening, so I wasn’t too worried when I went back the next day with our glossy paint.

The paint I used was as simple as you can get.  Valspar’s Contractor White in Semi-Gloss.

Why did I choose this particular paint?  It started when I scraped the popcorn ceilings and needed a moisture-resistant white to cover them up.  Then I decided to paint the closet walls the same crisp tone, and it really just snowballed from there.  I’ve decided this white will stop at the bathroom door, though, and the trim paint from the rest of our house will continue on the other side of it.  Keepin’ it in the bathroom, folks!

A 6″ roller was the perfect size to fit between the battens, and my trusty Wooster paintbrush did the rest.

And here’s what we ended up with after primer, caulk, and 2 coats of white!

Oooohhhh can you FEEL the board and batten love?!

And can you sympathize with our mess? 🙂

Now just ’cause I love ya, I’m going to give you a little sneak peek at what happened next…

Initial thoughts?  It’s GRAY! 🙂

Hope y’all have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading!

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