Master Bath Phase 0.5: Painting Trim

We’re slowly working our way out of the finished master closet and into the dreaded master bath.  Before we can get to the fun part, we have take care of a few nitty gritty tasks in this room. First on my list was to paint the wood-trimmed doorway separating the bath and closet.  This post only deserves 1/2 a “Phase” as you’ll notice in the title because it’s nothing revolutionary or ingenious – it just had to be done. 🙂

Here’s the doorway with the door removed and the hinge holes filled.

After some sanding, primer, and caulk, here’s how she looked.

(Yes, that’s gray caulk – our white was dried up and I didn’t realize it until I had my painting clothes on!)

And here’s the finished product, two coats of glossy white later.

(I think that’s just a shadow where the corner of the doorway was caulked with gray.  Let me run and check… Yep!  Just a shadow!)

Like I said, nothing revolutionary, but it had to be done!  I can already tell this room is going to be interesting to photograph.  We are not one of those homes blessed with natural light in our bathrooms.  Any tips on low-light photography in small spaces? Other than “get a new camera?” 🙂

Thanks for reading, and come back tomorrow to see how I took advantage of our 71 degree weather!

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