Master Bath: Color Inspiration

Sometimes I get a little bit ahead of myself.  Case in point: Even though our to-do list for the master bath is a mile long and includes a fair amount of construction, painting, and electrical work, I’m already finding myself daydreaming of accents and accessories.

I guess there’s no harm in dreaming, which is what brought me to a new realization last night.  If you’ll remember, we’re planning on a combination of white and gray walls with a yellow shower curtain and towels.  I’ve also always had it in the back of my mind that I’d like a (thoroughly stained and sealed) butcher block counter top in the bath with white sinks to finish out the look.

Finally visualizing this combination last night made me realize how much I LOVE gray paint and rich wood tones together in decor.  Sure enough, I peeked into my inspiration folders this morning, and look what I found!

To me, it doesn’t matter if the gray leans towards blue or tan, those rich wood tones really make all colors of gray sing.

Side Note: I would love for our house to look this cute on the outside (second image)!

This particular shade of gray reminds me a lot of our entryway.  Hmmm, with my new credenza in there, I guess my subconscious was onto this color combo before my conscious was!

I spy bits of yellow in the photos below…

Looking at these images is getting me really pumped about the direction we’re headed in the bath.  Until now, I’d expected to be hanging photos framed in white or silver on our gray walls, but now I’m thinking a rich wood tone would really warm up the space. Something along these lines, perhaps?

Of course, I *might* consider replacing the photo…. but those little old people are pretty cute! 🙂

So what do you think?  Do you like the combination of gray and wood, or does it feel too much like the olden-day taboo of wearing black and brown in the same outfit?

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