Mad for Mad Men

Stephen and I have been obsessed with Mad Men lately.  I’d been wanting to tune in ever since the hype about the show started several season ago, but when the series was recently added to Netflix we knew it was time to see what we’d been missing.

Sleezy husbands and chain smoking aside, my favorite part of the show is the fashion! You won’t catch me wishing we lived in the 60s any time soon, but I’d like to take a trip back in time any day just to try on some of the fabulous ensembles these women wore.

Betty, Joan, Peggy

 Betty, Joan, and Peggy

Just for fun, I decided to put together a few outfits inspired by the show.  These are mostly Joan-style outfits (working gal about the office) with a little of housewife Betty thrown in.

First up, a pencil skirt and cardi combo, with some fabulous suede pumps.  Don’t forget the swing coat and funky brooch to tie it all together.

Mad Men Look 1

Here’s another combo that’s perfect for fall.  I’d tuck this floral blouse into my pencil skirt and grab this plum trench coat to keep warm.  I think gray pumps read less harsh than black and they match that Kate Spate tote beautifully.  Add another fun brooch and you’re golden!

Mad Men Look 2

This last look is definitely more Betty than Joan.  I LOVE this coat and dress combo with a classic pearl necklace and brooch.  With the right shoes and a fun clutch, you’ll be ready to head out in style.

Mad Men Look 3So which outfit is your favorite?  Do you dream of living in a different era?  Or at least dressing the part?  Anybody else as obsessed with Mad Men as we are?

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