Living Small

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of living in a small home, so when I spotted this photo on Pinterest yesterday (pinned by Kim and Liz) and saw that this kitchen served as inspiration for plans for a 687 sq ft, 1 bedroom cottage, my curiousity was officially piqued.

What followed was several hours of complete obsession with the Tiny House Blog, a site dedicated to plans, resources, tips, and photos of small space living around the world.

It got me thinking… how realistic would it be for us to live in a small home (under 1000 sq ft, or even under 500 or 600 sq ft) someday?  I mean, small space living is a way of life for plenty of people in big cities, why couldn’t we do it in our small city too?

Great design is key to small space living, so I thought I’d share the homes that really stood out to me as I browsed the Tiny Home Blog.

I loved the simple exterior of this cabin in Colorado.  The interior was a bit minimal for me, but I bet you’d really appreciate your surroundings with so little to distract you inside the home.

Modern cabin

This Seattle artist converted her garage into a fully functional home with a sleeping loft.  I love the finishes she chose and how open and airy the place feels.  Don’t even get me started on that gorgeous clawfoot tub in the bath!

Seattle exterior

Seattle interior

Her beautiful bathroom just goes to show that you don’t have to give up luxury to live in a small space.

Seattle bath

This small studio-style home is located on the big island of Hawaii.  The owner of this place is proud of what he built over the course of several years.  I say his furniture arrangement and decor choices are perfect and definitely worth his pride!

Hawaii home

So neat and tidy, yet homey at the same time.


Last but not least, my favorite small home.  This beautiful 645 sq ft floating home is located in Sweden and boasts one of the roomiest-feeling interiors I’ve seen.


What a gorgeous view, right?  The design of this place is so smart – the owners can make full use of exterior living areas by opening doors and windows for an inside-outside feel.


I wouldn’t complain if our bedroom looked like this!  This room feels large but still cozy, and I love the recessed bookshelves and white paneling.


Small homes have been on my mind lately, partially because Stephen and I would love to live in the historic downtown area of our town someday.  With the high cost of homes in the historic area, the house we buy will have to be small if we’re going to live there anytime soon!  I’m sure some of you are laughing at my definition of small, but in Northwest Arkansas where 1800 sq ft/ 3 bedroom/ 2 bath homes are completely commonplace, it’s a somewhat novel idea to live with less.

So what do you think of small space living?  Would you ever live in a studio-style or 1 bedroom home?  As a single person?  As a young couple?  With kids?  As a retired couple? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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