Let's take a vote

For awhile now I’ve thought our entry table (the big Welcome to Heardmont!) could use a little work.  I’ve had several different art pieces on this table in the past, but they’ve never really struck me as perfect for the space. Here’s a peek at what you see when you walk through our front door.


We have a 8×10 wedding shot on the left side, a row of candles across the bottom, a 3D metal branch art piece in the back and our bill box on the right.  One issue with the current arrangement is that it lacks height.  I’m not sure big blank grey wall at eye level is exactly the “welcome to our home” I was going for.

Yesterday afternoon after daydreaming about what I could do to make the entry pop, I channeled my inner David Bromstad and created this little flip book with three different options for entryway art.  Now here’s the part where I need your help – it’s time to get out your scantrons and #2 pencils and vote!

Option 1:  Here’s my beautiful rendition of the entry table just as it is.  Maybe you love what we’ve done with the place and don’t want us to change a thing.


Option 2:  I bought a big canvas, and by big I mean HUGE, a few months ago and haven’t figured out what to do with it yet.  Maybe the blank entry wall could be just the place for it!  I’d paint something in the gray/green/blue tones (any suggestions?) or I might even recruit molly and Tina for a little paw print artwork.  Add some candlesticks on the left and call it a day.


Option 3: Instead of one big piece of art, we’d break it up by hanging 6 to 12 identical frames with big white mats in a grid pattern.  I think we’d stick with mostly black and white or very faded photos and even throw in a few sentimental items, like the cover of the Everclear CD Stephen helped me find on one of our first non-official dates.  I think some green and blue glass bottles on a tray on the table would make this option casual and a little more colorful.


So what do you think? Should we stick with what we got?  Tackle the painting or go sentimental?  Any preferences on accessories – candles, glass bottles, vases, photos?  I’d love to hear what you think or see examples of entry decor you love!

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