Keepin' little ears warm this winter!

Since it’s still pretty darn cold here in the South, and since some of you probably have little kiddos to keep warm, I wanted to share a few fleece hats I made for our nieces and nephew for Christmas!  I found the instructions for these hats at Made by Rae, and used some modifications suggested by Ruby on her blog Zaaberry.

I had to guess on these measurements (Ruby helped me out by measuring her kids’ heads) but I was happy to see that 4 of the 5 hats I made fit really well!

The first was for our little nephew.  I chose this red, white, and gray fleece cause it was just too cute to pass up!  I mean, look at those cute. little. deer!!!

You’ll have to head over to Made by Rae for the tutorial, but as a reference I used circumferences of between 18″ and 21″ for all five of these hats, depending on the age of the child.

Here are some photos of the first hat in the works.

Here’s our nephew’s finished hat!

I tried my best to get photos of the kids with their hats on, but he’s the only one who got away.  Here’s a shot of the little guy in action on Christmas.

His sister got a plaid hat to match a cape I made her.  (Details on the cape to come.)  I used 20″ for her head circumference and cut the top of the hat into little petals as Rae suggests in her tutorial.

Here’s an iPhone shot of the little cutie pie wearing her Christmas duds from Aunt Meredith.

Our three nieces in Mountain Home all got matching hats as well.  I thought adding the little flowers would help them tell the sizes apart.

The girls had fun opening their presents and thought it was neat that each hat was different.

Our youngest niece, trying desperately to take that hat off!

All three girls by their Christmas tree.  Our niece “E” on the left was the only one whose hat didn’t fit just perfectly.  It was a bit small, but she was still so sweet and put it on for my photo!

It’s cool to see how the same hat pattern can look completely different in various types of fleece – the best part was they were fun to make!  For more information on this project and photos of other hats, check out Rae’s blog (and a huge thanks to Ruby for her help)!

I’ll be back soon with a few more photos and a link to instructions for the plaid cape I made.  Oh, did I mention it was NO-SEW?!  That’s my kind of project! 🙂

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