KC Fun Finds: Vintage Bar Cart

After the destruction left in the wake of our bathroom remodel, our garage was in serious need of some attention.  When I got home yesterday, Mr. Heard was already at work, loading up items to donate to our local Habitat ReStore, and putting his brand new Shop-Vac to good use.  A garage-worth of sawdust later, he proclaimed this Shop-Vac to be our best home improvement purchase of 2011.

Stephen’s cleaning rampage also unearthed several furniture projects that I’ll be getting started on over the next few weeks.  On our trip to Kansas City a couple of months ago, I picked up this vintage bar cart, and I’m pumped about all the potential this piece has.

It has great deco-detailing, and after tightening a few screws it should be quite sturdy.

The shelves will definitely need some attention.  These faux wood pieces have seen better days.

I’m thinking I’ll poke around online and try to find some brass casters to replace the plastic ones that came with the cart as well.

Overall it should be quite the fun makeover!  The biggest questions once it’s done will be 1) should we sell it or keep it?  2) where should we put it?  3) what fun things should we put on it (in addition to liquor of course!)?

To answer question 3, I’ve pulled together some inspiration photos of my favorite bar carts from blogland.  Feast your eyes on these beauties!

That round-up sure helped me answer question 1!  I say we KEEP IT! 🙂

Do you have a favorite bar cart image I missed?  Any suggestions for fun, unexpected items to put on the cart once it’s done?  I’m partial to books and plants and vintage glassware myself, but I’m looking forward to poking around and seeing what we come up with!

Thanks for reading!

1, 2, 4, 9, 11 via One Love
3 via Casa Brasi
5, 10, 12 via Elements of Style
6 via Knight Moves
7 via Design*Sponge
8 via Little Green Notebook

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