KC Fun Finds: Bulletin Board Project

With all the new shopping experiences to be had on our trip to Kansas City, you didn’t think we’d be coming home empty-handed, did you?

Today I’m going to show you how I took this bulletin board ($1 at a KC antique store)…

… and this yellow plate ($0.25 at same antique store) and used them to update our closet!

Here’s a quick reminder of what our master closet looked like before this weekend.

For more photos and a description of what it took to get this far, check out these. three. posts.

I like the layout we chose in general, but my jewelry organization and the mirror we hung in the center weren’t working.  In the spirit of adding some fun color to the closet, I decided to make a little jewelry organizer and do some rearranging.

I have been loving the charcoal + yellow + white color combination lately, so I got out the craft paint and mixed up the right shade of gray for my bulletin board frame.

Then I started painting.  I knew I would be covering the cork afterwards, so I didn’t worry about being messy.

Two coats later, and I had this.

Next I measured the dimensions of the cork portion and cut a piece of yellow and white wrapping paper I had on hand to fit.

I considered using fabric to cover the cork (I would paint some white linen with bold horizontal yellow stripes), and I still may do that if this wrapping paper doesn’t hold up over time.

After making sure the wrapping paper would fit, I secured the four corners with white thumb tacks (leftover from this project).

Once I’d hung the bulletin board in my closet, I was left with a big gap on the wall that needed to be filled.  After some scrounging, I came up with this scrap of zebra print fabric (leftover from Molly’s halloween costume) and a frame I’d spray painted white.

Put them together and Viola!  Instant art.

So are you ready to see how the space came together?  Here’s the side by side before and after!

Small changes, but this space works so much better now!  Let’s take a closer look.  The jewelry board went from this to this.

My little display adds some much needed color and makes finding my necklaces much easier in the mornings!

I switched out my vintage green Anchor Hocking chip and dip set (which held my earrings and bracelets) for a 3-tier white serving set.

I love having one more bowl.  Now I have extra space to hang earrings AND my little pins and broaches get to be on display as well.

The white tray was a thrift store find I spray painted a while back.  It provides a neat little space to corral my yellow thrift plate (which holds my rings and perfume), my glasses, and a little notebook I use to track weights (mine and our fat little cat’s)!

So that’s how I updated our closet for $1.25 and some supplies I already had.

I’m still hoping to find an accent rug in my charcoal + yellow + white color combination, but until then, I’m happy to say I’m a bit more organized than I was before!

I’m linking this project to:
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P.S. In case you’re intrigued by this beginning of our closet makeover, you can see the grand reveal here.  Thanks for visiting!

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