iPhone Photo Update

Time for an update!  Ready to see what we’ve been up to over the past week?  Prepare yourself for terrible iPhone photo time!

Wednesday night found me chillin’ in our dining room, painting some baseboards black. Do you know that that means? It means the wood floors were finally installed in Stephen’s office on Thursday!

Painting Trim Black

I’d show you a picture of the pretty new floors in his room, but you can’t really see them right now…

Stephen's Room Full

No, we’re not hoarders (though every time I have to move more stuff I think we might be)!  As soon as the floors were installed in this room, we had to move everything from the other two bedrooms over to prepare for our new carpet.

Our Room New Carpet

Carpets went in on Friday and they are soooo soft and cushy and sooo clean. I love them!

Guest Room New Carpet

These photos were taken before the trim guys came to replace the old baseboards. Both of these rooms have nice tall white baseboards like the rest of the house now.

We finally got our pets back this weekend. My mom kept them for us over spring break, and we really missed them!

Molly Tina

And lastly, apparently we have a neighborhood beaver?


Poor guy looked a little lost, but he was super cute!

What have you been up to the past few days?

P.S. Thanks everybody for your emails and comments the past couple weeks!  I’m really behind on replying, but I’m trying to catch up soon!

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