iPhone Inspiration

A big way we get inspired for projects around these parts is by looking at furniture, lighting, or accessories in stores or online and then trying to create that look at home for less.  When I finally updated my iPhone the other day, I came across lots of inspiration photos I’d taken in the past year.  (Do you compulsively snap photos when you’re shopping like I do?) Even though none of the items in today’s post made it back to Heardmont, several of them inspired later purchases or have our DIY wheels turning for future projects.

First up, this campaign dresser.  Why I didn’t buy this piece, I’ll never know.  It was a bit pricey for a thrift store find (around $100), but you probably know what kind of potential this baby has, right?

Campaign Dresser, Thrifting

Check out these campaign makeovers and tell me I’m crazy for not picking up this dresser when I had the chance!  That settles it – I need a campaign piece in my life. 🙂

Next on my coulda-woulda-shoulda list?  This wicker chair.  I spotted this $25 piece while out thrifting one day and have been looking for one (or two) like it ever since. Ideally I’d like to find a pair to recover just like Jordan and Landon did (via Young House Love).

Wicker Chair, Thrifting

Here are a few more accent pieces that would have been darling as is or improved with a quick coat of spray paint.  An accent chair and a wicker elephant side table – so fun!

Yellow Chair, TJ Maxx Elephant Table, Oops!

Huge spray paint potential with these bent wood and wicker side tables…

Bent Wood Table, Oops! Bent Wood Table, Thrifting

A patio set for the ridiculously low price of $50 that just needed a little freshening up, and a yellow bistro set that was perfect as is.

Patio Set, Thrifting Patio Set, Oops!

These bar carts would have made it into my car in a hot minute (you know I’m obsessed, right?), except they were both very very expensive. I had honestly forgotten about the second one until the photo started to download.  What’s crazy is I picked up its twin on a later thrifting excursion for $5!

Bar Cart, MH Thrifting Bar Cart, LR Thrifting

I’ve been looking for a cool pendant light (or something I could DIY one with) for my guest room for weeks now, and either of these would have been great solutions.  Can you imagine how cool that silver vase would have been hanging from the ceiling?  Too bad it was outta my price range.

Pendant Light, MH Thrifting Vase to DIY, Oops!

The fabrics in our area have been surprisingly current and trendy lately.  I came across that yellow chevron fabric at Hancock’s the other day and it was totally calling my name! It has so much potential to make a statement – like on this starched fabric headboard.

Yellow & Gray, Hancocks

Last up – two things to hang on walls that have me thinking.  This mirror from Hobby Lobby would be amazing hanging on top of a builder mirror a la Jenny Komenda.

Cool Mirror, Hobby Lobby

Even though my mass-produced art-loving days are over, this set of prints I came across in Target has me itching to DIY a version for our place.  All it would take is getting out our favorite photos and picking a color scheme!  Maybe a set from our Paris trip will do the trick?

Cute Canvases, Target

It’s amazing how sometimes all it takes to jump start a project is looking back through images that have caught your eye in the past.  I hope you get as much inspiration from these snapshots as we do and I’m looking forward to hunting down more DIY ideas and deals soon and sharing what I find.

Have a great weekend everybody!

(All inspiration images not via my iPhone are from Pinterest)

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