How to Make a Pennant Banner

Our Libby celebrated her third birthday a couple months ago and shortly beforehand was the proud recipient of a “big girl bed” from her Papa. Decorating above the side of a twin-sized bed is so different from decorating above a crib! All of the sudden I had a huge blank wall to fill with something that wasn’t heavy art.

This was the corner of her room where we chose to put her new bed. (Click the picture below to see this room as a nursery.)


After I took down all the art, I decided a pennant banner would be a cute way to fill the wall with non-dangerous decor. Luckily I held onto all the extra fabric when we decorated her nursery the first time around, so I had lots of coordinating fabric to use.


Here’s how I did it!

You will need:
Fabric of your choice (at least 3-4 patterns)
Glue gun
Iron (optional)

Creating the pattern:
1. Draw a rectangle on your piece of cardboard. Mine was about 5″ x 5.75″.
2. Make a mark halfway down each end of the rectangle and draw a line across the center.
3. Use this line and your ruler to create a triangle.
4. Cut it out!


Making the banner:
Use the cardboard triangle as a pattern for your pennants. My pennant banner took about 14 of these fabric triangles.


Once you’ve cut out the triangles, iron them (if you want to) and hot glue them to the back of a ribbon of your choice. No hemming or sewing required!


This was a seriously fast way to bring some color to the wall above the bed and repeat the fabrics I’d already used in the room. I love that it took less than 30 minutes to make and required no sewing at all!

Here’s a little sneak peek of the banner in our girl’s updated room. Stay tuned to see the rest of the space!

New Banner

Do you have a wall that could use a little pennant banner love?

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