Heardmont History: The Office

Happy weekend everybody!  Today I’m so excited to share some changes that have been going on at Heardmont, so prepare yourselves for an eye-full!

Ever since Stephen started working from home, we’ve slowly been tidying up and rearranging furniture in his office. This is probably the least-photographed room in our home, so I figured a trip down memory lane was in order.

The first time you saw this room, we were calling it the Man Room.  The walls were off-white just like the rest of our house and Stephen had just ripped out the carpet to make rolling his music equipment in and out much easier.

Studio Before

You might remember the huge yard sale we had and how we used the proceeds to buy new laminate flooring for the space.  The leather couch you see in the photo below was a BEAST to move to this room at the very end of our very long hallway.

New Floors In Office

We added a coat of paint and started working on the trim.  At that time, playing music and song-writing were the most popular activities in this room, so we started calling it The Studio.

Walls painted

I remember how excited we were to share this photo (even though the quality is awful) because we’d finally finished installing the new trim and painting it glossy black.

Walls and trim done

It took me over a year to find the right fabric for window treatments in this room (from Ikea).  Stephen requested roman shades, so after a lot of online tutorial-reading, I got to work.

Shade Installed Up Shade Installed Down

Over the past couple years, the Man Room became a Studio, which slowly became an Office, but it was really just a catch-all space for stuff. 🙂

When we found out Stephen might be working from home, it was time to officially make this room an office he could use 5 days a week.  We decided to get rid of everything that wasn’t working in the space.  I took these photos when we started clearing the room to move furniture.  It wasn’t really this messy, but messy rooms make for great before-and-afters, right?

Office with Couch

Stephen’s dad bought him the black bookcase below when he moved off campus and into his first apartment six years ago.  It was time to get rid of the bookcase, but I think six years is a very respectable lifespan for a cheapie college bookcase!

Shelf Area Office

When we shared that Couch City photo last week, Stephen had just moved the huge leather couch out of his Office to make room for the smaller leather loveseat.  I couldn’t believe he moved that couch all by himself and didn’t make any huge dents in the walls during the process.

After a lot of cleaning, donating, and moving, here’s a glimpse at the Office as it looks today.  What a huge difference, right?

Stephen's Office Now

The room is still very much a work in progress, but for now at least it functions much better than it did before.  Stephen found his desk chair, a Herman Miller Aeron Chair (which retails for over $1000), on Craigslist for $75!!  The small folding table will probably be replaced with another desk component down the line, but it works as a blueprint station for now.

Stephen's Desk

Beyond the desk area is a small sitting area.  The scale of our leather loveseat is much better in this room, and we moved the mid-mod leather chair and ottoman from our living room into this space.  We actually just spent several hours listing to records on this side of the room last night.

Stephen's Sitting Area

It’s been fun sharing the metamorphosis in this room.  There’s still furniture to be painted, a popcorn ceiling to be scraped, and a new rug to buy, but we’re inching closer and closer to a home office Mr. Heard will love!


What do you think of our changes so far?

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