Heardmont History: The Dining Room

This is part of a little series called Heardmont History.  We’re digging back through our archives and highlighting some projects we did before starting “Welcome to Heardmont.” Hope you enjoy!

So far you’ve seen our hallway and kitchen, and today it’s time to see the dining room! Here’s what the dining room looked like the day we bought the house.  Look at how tiny and dark that room was (and how high they hung that light fixture – ha!).

A view from the living room – there’s the infamous wall we destroyed beyond the dining room light.

Speaking of which, here’s another shot of the destruction.

Next it was ceiling scraping time.  Unlike in the kitchen, this time around it was only lil’ ole me doing the scraping.

8 hours later, this is what the ceiling looked like.

And, this is what I looked like!  Haha, I don’t look very happy.  Those marks on my legs are from our aluminum ladder. They took a surprisingly long time to wash off!

It didn’t take me long once the ceiling was painted to pick a paint color for the walls and break out the roller and paint tray!  This is the darkest color we’ve ever used and I still like it.

Here’s the division between our kitchen and dining room.  The kitchen was painted a shade lighter on the paint chip for flow and a bit of definition.

Once we had the bones of the room done, it was time to replace our college dining set. We picked up our table and chairs for $25 at a yard sale, and while it served its purpose for many a shrimp-boil and chili-cookoff, it was time to move on.

Our new dark stained square table fits the dining room perfectly.  The leaf for this bad boy is about 2 feet wide, meaning we can seat 8-10 people comfortably now. 😀

Ahhh, finally a decent photo!  After installing our new light fixture and can lights, hanging our sheet curtains, and adding the world travel map and a few accessories, here’s our dining room now!

For more photos of our dining room, check out our recent dining room reveal.  Future plans for this space include new floors and baseboards, and that’s pretty much it! I guess you could say this is the most finished room in our house. 🙂

Gratuitous “accomplishments” photo:

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more Heardmont History later this week.

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