Heardmont History: Master Bath Plans

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about finally turning our master closet and, more importantly, our master bath into a place we want to be.   I suppose this really isn’t a Heardmont History post as much as it is a Heardmont Future post, but last night I got out my pen and paper and started doodling.

This is what our master bathroom looked like the day we moved in.

It still looks almost exactly the same.  The only differences are now the popcorn ceiling (not pictured) is gone, we have a revamped light fixture instead of the $5 globe that was there before, and … we have a shower curtain.  Yep, that’s about it.

Now to subject you to my WONDERFUL sketching skillz, here’s what I want our bathroom to look like. 🙂

Major changes include new molding and wall color, a new vanity top and TWO sinks, a frame around our builder-grade mirror, and new light fixtures and accessories!

While we’re at it, I thought we could bring a little more pizzaz to our master closet. Here’s what I envision happening in there.

The jewelry and storage areas stay the same, but we bring in a little fun to the top half of the closet in the form of painted stripes!  Add an area rug, and we’ll be done.

The best part is, my new jewelry board is the inspiration for it all.  Say hello to our new color scheme – charcoal, yellow, and white!

The tough part of this whole makeover will be staying on budget, since the cost of new lighting, sinks, faucets, and trim work can really add up.  I’m excited to get started, though, and you’d better believe we’ll be showing you all the changes along the way.

Ahhhhh a new project.  Better get out my paintin’ clothes! 🙂

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