Hand-Stamped Necklace Tutorial

Happy New Year Friends!

Now that Christmas has come and gone, we’re kicking off the new year with several gift tutorials I couldn’t share before the holidays.  First up, a hand-stamped necklace I made for Stephen’s younger sister Rachel.

I got all my supplies and my metal stamp kit at Hobby Lobby.  First I selected a quarter-sized metal stamping blank.

Blank Tag

Using my stamp kit and a metal mallet, I stamped the letters around the bottom edge of the blank.

Stamped Name

I opened up a sterling silver jump ring with my needle-nosed pliers and slid it into place on the stamped metal disc.

Jump Ring

The key to getting your stamped letters to show up is a Sharpie and nail polish remover (acetone).  I traced the letters with a Sharpie and wiped off the excess with an acetone-soaked cotton ball until the letters were dark enough.

Darkened Letters

For a little more interest, I decided to add this green and white bead to the necklace.  All I had to do was thread the bead on this bit of wire, clip the wire, and twist the end into a loop with my pliers.


Then I slipped the bead onto the jump ring, threaded the ring on a sterling silver chain, and the necklace was done!

Necklace Done

I love how this necklace turned out and Rachel did too!  Turns out green is one of her favorite colors, and I was so happy to see her wearing the necklace with a pretty red sweater on Christmas day!

This inexpensive project would make a great gift for any occasion.  Have you tried your hand at jewelry-making or metal stamping before?

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