Halo Chandelier Knock-Off

We’ve been enjoying the fruits of our DIY labor in the dining room lately. I shared a preview of our new light fixture a few months ago, but now it’s time to share the full story!

DIY Dining Light

On our first attempt at decorating our dining room, we purchased this snazzy red Kartell pendant from a local retailer. It suited the warm color scheme we had going on, but it was hard to keep clean (so much dusting!) and didn’t suit the room as well once we changed the wall color. We needed a do-over.


I’d been looking around for new lighting ideas for several months when I spotted this in the window of a local shop and immediately fell in love.

Halo Chandelier

Lots and lots of Pinterest searching later (seriously, try describing that light and getting Google or Pinterest to pull up that image) and I finally found it – the Roost Halo Chandelier –¬†for sale at … Anthropologie.


That was the sound of my wallet hitting the floor.

At $350, I knew we wouldn’t be purchasing one anytime soon. Do-over light fixtures have to be cheap here at Heardmont.

The answer? Make one ourselves!

Dining Light Closeup

This isn’t a tutorial because we’re not electricians, but if you wanted to try to make your own, here were our supplies.

A large embroidery hoop and ceiling canopy (painted matte black), 6 brass lamp sockets, 27 feet of cloth-covered lamp cord (I got ours from SnakeHeadVintage on Etsy), 6 Edison light bulbs (from 1000bulbs.com), and electrical tape and black embroidery yarn (not pictured). All told, the supplies ran just under $100.

Light Supplies

An action shot to prove I did, in fact, contribute to the construction of this light fixture:

Building Light

We consulted Google a lot, but the process really wasn’t too bad, considering this was our first true DIY light fixture.

DIY Dining Light

We love the new pendant and think it’s much more our style. Plus, we put it on a dimmer, so we can appreciate the glow of those Edison bulbs even more!

Edison Bulbs

What do you think of the result?

DIY Dining Light On

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