Halloween Party 2011

We kicked off Halloween early this year with a party at our friend Cara’s house on Friday night.  Stephen and I have a debate over Halloween costumes every year, but this time we came up with matching costumes that were fun, creative, and best of all only cost $30!

My costume was a $6 dress that we found at a thrift store and cut about 12″ off the bottom.

Dress Before Dress After

Stephen wore his old tuxedo from high school, after I’d hemmed the pants about 4″ too short.  I used the leftover material from my dress to make him a bow tie.

Tux Pants Tracing Bow Tie

The tie required some intricate sewing and patience, but I eventually got it right!

Pinned Bow TieSewed Bow TieIroned Bow Tie

Any guesses what we were?

A nerdy 50s prom couple!  We only had to buy my dress and gloves, our glasses, and hair gel and everything else we already owned.  I think these were our best Halloween costumes to date!

The Heards

Cara’s place was totally decked out for her favorite holiday.  The lights were low, but I still snapped some photos of her spooky mantel and glowing dining room.  Those are orange twinkle lights on her table and black fringe hanging from the chandelier.

Cara's Mantel Halloween Cara's Dining Room Halloween

 There was plenty of food and candy at the party, along with some great costumes!


I always love to see the creative costumes our friends wear for Halloween, and here’s a glimpse of the fun for you.

We had a roaring 20s couple and a Dexter impersonator…

The 20s Stephen and Robby

Tom Cruise from Risky Business with his Playboy Bunny wife and a cowboy and saloon girl…

Risky Bunny Wild West

Our friend Casey was a SWAT girl who and had fun arresting people with her handcuffs all night.

The Girls

And last but not least, Duff Man showed up and had fun chatting with Betty Boop!  There was also a pin-up girl present, but I didn’t get a good photo of her.

Bryce and Andrea

All in all it was a great party. Do you have Halloween plans this year? Any great costume ideas in the works?

Chorus Line

Stay tuned for more from our jam-packed weekend!

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