Guest Room: Stenciled Wall Complete!

I bet you’re as anxious as we were to see how the stenciled wall we showed you yesterday turned out!  We’re back today to show you how it all went down AND share the final cost (time-wise and money-wise).

First Wall Traced

Since one wall of our guest bedroom was already painted Valspar’s Marsh Green when we started this makeover, green was an obvious choice to bring a bit of color and interest to our open closet desk area (the “cloffice” if you will).  Luckily I had way more leftover Marsh Green paint than this project required, so a little stirring action was all it took to get going.

Marsh Green Paint

I chose a round-tipped paintbrush from my collection (size 6, in case you’re wondering) and started to paint.  This project definitely took a slow and steady hand, but it didn’t take long for me to get in the painting groove.

Breaking Out the Paint

I started in the right-hand corner and worked my way up and around the lower half of the closet first.  I’m including most of the photos I took of the painting process (which I split up over several days) to really give you a feel for how the project progressed.

Close up of Stencil Starting

Here’s where I started moving up the right-hand wall…

Starting to Stencil

Then progressed to the main wall at the back of the closet…

Right Corner

Close up of Right Corner

Slowly but surely, the paint started to cover more and more real estate…

Stenciling Right Side Right Side Painting

Finally I could see the pattern making its way across the back wall of the closet!

Half of Bottom Wall Painted

A few hours later and I’d progressed even further…

Painting Beneath Shelf

Pretty soon, almost the entire bottom half of the closet was done.

Bottom Half Painted

I needed a step-stool to reach the top half of the closet.  Some areas were more difficult than others simply because of the angle required with the brush or the amount of paint that had glopped up (no it’s not a word, but you know what I mean) on the end of the brush.  I found it very helpful to wipe the tip of the brush clean every once in awhile and to wash it out completely between painting sessions.

Almost Done near Ceiling

In the photo above, you can see how I painted the pattern up and over the shelf bracket and trim pieces.  I think continuing the pattern this way really helped the less attractive features of the closet fade away.

Finally I reached the very top and finished the last few outlines.

Painting near Ceiling

After letting all the green paint dry, I went back over the obviously splotchy areas with some touch-up wall paint.

Finally, our DIY stenciled closet was finished!  Here’s how it turned out!

Left Side Done Right Side Done

One more reminder of how it looked before I signed my life away to a paintbrush…

Painted Closet Trim

And here it is today!

Closet Stenciled

I’m sure you’re dying to know how long this monster took to paint and how much we ended up spending, right?  The stencil tracing we showed you yesterday took about 3 hours, but the painting?  More like 10-12 hours!

The good news is that every single item that went into this project was something we already had on hand.  From the stencil cut from a cereal box to the leftover wall paint and mini paintbrush, we didn’t spend a dime!  Not sure how I want to factor in the 15 hours of time it took, but we’re so happy with the result that I’m willing to conveniently forget that part. 🙂

So are we crazy, or do you love how it turned out?  Are you looking forward to seeing how we turn this fun little nook into a crafty cloffice?  So are we! 🙂

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