Guest Room: Let’s Start with Paint

So remember how I showed you how far we’d come with our guest room yesterday? Were you curious as to what exactly about the room wasn’t working for us? I mean, it seemed to be pretty neat and tidy in the photos right?


Let me show you what this room typically looks like. Because there aren’t specific areas for crafting, sleeping, and storage, every time we’d start a project or have to clean the house in a hurry, the casualties would end up in this room.  Definitely NOT an inspiring sight!


I didn’t want to show these shelves yet because this wall is such a mess, but hopefully with better organization this will eventually be a really neat little area. (This photo’s for you, Cassie!)


The couple organizers that actually work for me in this room are the hanging shoe and sweater holders for fabric.  I LOVE being able to see my fabric collection, so be on the lookout for these organizers to return once we put the room back together.


As they say, you’ve got to start with a blank slate.  Everything that we could move out of the room was taken away, and I covered the bed with a drop cloth to protect it while I painted.  It was finally time to get rid of those awful off-white walls!  Yippee!

Curious about the paint color we chose?  I’ve always been a sucker for true white walls, and since our budget was zero for new paint, I broke out our leftover white ceiling paint and slapped it on.


As you can see the wood trim is also going white (it will be glossy), and I decided to remove the closet doors to open the space up (and force myself to keep the closet more organized).  You can also catch a sneak peek at something new I’m trying out with the desk!


Bye bye ugly walls, hello fresh, crisp white!  The closet interior still needs to be painted, but already the room is looking so light and bright.


If I were really ready for some backbreaking work, I’d be scraping that popcorn ceiling right now.  Although the living areas of our house are sans popcorn, the bedrooms are still sporting the awful texture.  The plan is to scrape the ceilings right before we replace the flooring in a year or so.


I was thankful I only had to paint 3 walls since the green accent wall is most likely staying.  I’m so happy with how GREEN it looks against our fresh white walls.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – paint really truly has the power to change how you feel about a space.  We have a long way to go on the road to organizing this room, but now we’ve got the perfect backdrop to make it a fun space to create and relax.

Now here’s my question for you: Would you ever paint your walls white?  Is it a no-no in your book, or do you like a little stark white every once in awhile?  Do you have any organization suggestions for me?  As you can see – this room needs all the help it can get!

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