Guest Room: Free Curtain Update

Here’s a quick, free curtain update for you guys today.  Remember those drop cloth curtain panels I made for our guest room closet?

Closet Curtains Hung

We couldn’t leave them plain in a room so full of color, so after some brainstorming we decided a simple colorful border would give them just the right amount of pop.

I considered adding ribbon, but since I already had some peacock blue paint leftover from this project (and I’m not stranger to painting fabric, seen here), a painted “ribbon” border was in order.

Curtain Panel

I laid out the panels one at a time on a plastic drop cloth in our kitchen and taped off a border around the inside edge and bottom of the panel.  I used the width of my painters tape to determine the thickness of the non-painted edge and then measured out where to place the second line of tape.  I left about 1.5″ between the lines of tape because we wanted the painted border to be nice and thick.

Adding Tape

After pressing down the tape really well, I started to paint, going only in the direction of the tape to keep as much paint from leaking under as possible.

Adding Paint

Before the paint was dry, I pulled off the tape.  I’m not sure if it was the tape I used or just the fact that this fabric was significantly more textured than the sheet I painted for our shower curtain, but I did have some fuzziness on the edges of my lines.  Nothing too bad, though, and unless you’re inspecting the curtains up close you’d never notice.

Painted Curtain

Ready for a peek at how they turned out in the room?  Here they are!

Painted Guest Room Curtains

The closet is in the same corner as this recently revamped bedside bookcase.  I love how well the custom paint accents go together.

Bookshelf painted

Here’s another look at those panels next to our peacock feather art.  For the majority of the time, these curtains will be pushed open or tied back to show our stenciled closet inside, so I’m glad that painted border will be visible whether the curtains are open or closed.

Painted CurtainsWhat do you think of adding ribbon-style borders to draperies?  Have you ever tried painting fabric like this before?  I’m thinking our next painted fabric project might have to be on a smaller scale like a striped pillow.  How fun and easy would that project be?!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to enter the peacock feather giveaway, going on until Thursday. 🙂

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