Guest Room: Free Art

It was too hot to spend very much time outside this weekend, so Stephen and I piddled around the house instead.  We’re trying to finish up the guest room (and get rid of as much stuff as possible in the process), so I spent most of the day yesterday sorting through things and working on little projects.

The color palette in our guest room was inspired by the colors of a peacock, and we’ve been sharing how we’ve used those colors in projects throughout the room.  First I sewed these lined drapes with fabric that worked perfectly with our color palette.

Guest Curtains Angle

Then I used leftover wall paint in a mossy green to add a fun hand-painted stencil to the otherwise boring closet.

Closet Stenciled

Most recently, we shared how we created an upholstered teal headboard with brass nailhead trim.

Headboard right

We’re close to finishing up this room, but one thing it has been lacking is art and accessories.  When my mom and I took a trip to Ikea this spring, I picked up 3 of these Ribba frames. Originally I wanted to use them in our master bath makeover, but they were a bit too big and the thick profile didn’t work in that space.

Ribba Frames

I thought they would work perfectly in the guest room, though, so when I came across a vase of peacock feathers my grandma gave me while sorting this weekend, I decided to create some colorful art using the feathers and frames.

I ironed and cut pieces of fabric leftover from our headboard for the background.

Ironed Fabric Mat with Blue Background

Then I snipped off the ends of the peacock feathers and taped them down.  Here’s how the first one turned out!

Feather Cut Feather Framed

Getting every bit of the plumes to lay correctly was a bit tricky, but I finally figured out a method that worked.  I would use the mat to smooth everything out as much as possible and to secure the ends of the feather, then I would place the glass on top and make sure I liked the look before putting the whole assembly into the frame.

The other two ended up like this.  I love the colorful feathers, but that white one has a really pretty look to it too!

Peacock Feather Framed White Feather Framed

Getting photos of these in the room was difficult because the glass is pretty reflective.  I hung the pieces on the wall of the closet you see as you enter the room.  The white feather went horizontally above the light switch, so it’s the first thing you see when you open the door.

Entry Art

As you turn the corner, you can see the bed and our DIY headboard.  It’s amazing how different the fabric on the headboard and the fabric in the frame look, even though it’s the same teal linen.

Peacock art and bed

Finally, if you were to turn and look back towards the closet and doorway, you’d see all three of the pieces.  I hung the two colorful feathers vertically on that little strip of wall beside the closet opening.

Peacock Art

I’m actually glad these frames didn’t end up working in our master bath because their thickness gives a real shadowbox/specimen feel to the peacock feathers.  I love how the teal linen brings a shot of color to this part of the room and how quickly this project came together.  One wall down, two to go!

What do you think of our easy art?  Did you do any art projects this weekend?

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