Guest Room: DIY Lighting Ideas

I’ve been tip-toeing back towards our guest bedroom redo over the past few days.  It would be awesome to get a chance to tackle the rest of the projects on the to-do list this weekend, but it’s already shaping up to be a crazy one with work.   Still, I can’t stop myself from daydreaming about our upcoming DIY projects, starting with a cool new light fixture.

If you’ll remember, a couple weeks ago my handy hubby added an outlet for me in this closet-turned-desk area. I plan to use one of the plug-ins for my sewing machine and the other for a fun hanging light fixture.  The only problem is, what kind of crazy fixture will I hang?

Glossy White Trim

I picked up two of these wire lampshade frames from the thrift store over a year ago. My original plan had been to DIY a knock-off this ever popular number, but time got in the way and the other knock-offs I’ve seen haven’t been as convincing as I’d like.  I’ve thought about just hanging the shade alone, but that might be a little too boring.

Wire Shade Frame Beaded Chandelier

Ultimately I’d like our DIY light fixture to make a statement, add interesting color or texture, and cast fun shadows.

I’ve been googling around for some lighting project inspiration, and some of the ideas I’ve come across have been pretty impressive.  Here’s a little round-up of some of my favorites, in case you’re looking to do the same.  Click on the photo for a link to the original project.

Basket-Style Lighting: Grab a vintage egg basket, a hanging planter, or even a veggie steamer and string it up!

Veggie Steamer Lights Basket Light

Planter Pendant Photobucket

Lighting from Ordinary Objects: Drill a hole in the bottom of a can, a globe, or a vase!  Wind a slinky around your light or do the same with a long tape measure.

Campbells Soup Light

Globe Pendant Hemisphere Pendant

Slinky Light Off Slinky Light On

Tape Measure Light

Pendants Built from Paper Lanterns: A dollar store paper lantern + fabric or paper = an inexpensive and easy light fixture.  I love the idea of covering the lantern with cocktail umbrellas or another collection.

Ostrich Lamp Knock-off

Paper Scrap Lamp Cocktail Umbrella Lamp

DIY Lights That Require Patience: Here are some links to some pretty legit light fixtures.  Repetition and patience are key to the success of these fixtures.  The “bubble chandelier” immediately below has always been a favorite of mine, but I think we’ll be saving it for another room in our house.

Bubble Chandelier
Slide Pendant Brenna's Mock Capiz

Cup Pendant

Mitsumata Lamp

Doily Light Doily Lamps

I don’t know about you, but all of these pendants have my DIY wheels turning!  With a little tweaking, several of them could be contenders for my little guest room cloffice (closet + office).  Which one would you choose?

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