Guest Room: DIY Drapes (Again!)

Surprisingly I carved out a few hours this weekend to work on our guest/craft room redo. Next on the to-do list was to sew new drapes from the fabric I showed you a few weeks ago.

Curtain Fabric

I followed almost the exact same process as the last time I sewed lined curtains for this room.  I started by cutting the curtain lining and curtain material to length.

Cutting to Length Fabric and Lining

The curtain lining I used was actually just white quilting material.  The purpose of lining these curtains was to make the outside view clean and white, rather than to block light to the guest room.

Cutting Side Lining

Just as with the previous lined curtains, I hemmed both sides and the tops of both panels.

Pinned Side Hem1

Pinned Top Hem

Top Hem

Sewing Top Hem

The only change I made to my lined curtains this time around?  Instead of wasting time sewing little white tabs to hang the curtains from, I cut strips of yellow ribbon from my stash and hot glued them in place.

Top Hem Measuring

You’ve seen me turn pre-made curtains into tab-backed panels using this same method, and I have to say it’s SO easy!

Cutting Ribbons for Tabs

I attached 7 tabs per panel, which seemed to yield the right amount of fullness when the curtains went up.

Adding Tab Backs

Here’s a shot of the curtains hanging up from behind.  You can only see those yellow ribbons when you’re standing below the curtain rod and looking up.

Ribbon Tab Backs

I still have to hem them, but I couldn’t wait to share the mostly finished result! 🙂

Need Hem

Without further ado, our new guest room curtains!

What do you think of them?  I love the fabric and how fast they came together.

Guest Curtains Angle

I wanted to give you a little preview of some of the bedding I’ll be using in the guest room too.  You’ll probably recognize the peacock pillow from our living room, and the green pillows were leftover from the last bedding in our guest room.

Guest Room Fabrics

Just a few more projects and this room will be done-zo!  Did you check anything off your sewing or DIY to-do list this weekend?

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