Guest Room: Budget Breakdown

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on our guest bedroom reveal yesterday! Today I wanted to crunch some numbers (and provide a source list) to see how much it actually cost us to transform this space.  You might remember I originally wanted to try to makeover this space for $50, but once we bought the headboard supplies (right around $100), we knew our new goal was just to keep costs as low as possible.  Since we already owned a lot of the decor in this room, I’ll split the list into “what we bought” and “what we already had.”

Curious to see how much it cost to pull this room together?  Read on.

Whole Room

Guest Room Budget Breakdown

What we bought:
Headboard: $100 (DIY)
Left Nightstand: $10 + $4 spray paint (thrift store)
Lotus Pendant: $30 + $6 chain (Flashbacks)
Curtains: $60 (DIY)

What we already had:
Bedding (TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond)
Peacock Pillow (IO Metro)
Right Nightstand (Painted it here)
Bamboo Art (Stephen’s from college)
Wall Paint (Valspar’s Ceiling White)

Dresser Wall

What we bought:
Dresser: $10 + $6 spray paint (Craigslist)

What we already had:
Floating shelves (West Elm)
Lamp (spray painted here)
Runner (Ikea fabric)
Mid-century bench (thrift store)
Green paint (Valspar’s Marsh Green)

Closet and Art

What we bought:
3 Frames for peacock art: $45 (Ikea)

What we already had:
Chair (recovered here)
Desk (painted here)
Drop cloth curtains (DIY’d here)
Closet paint (stenciled here)

If you’re keeping track, everything we bought specifically for this room totalled about $271.  Since I like to think of room makeovers in terms of how much cash actually came out of our pockets, it’s worth mentioning that we sold the old bedframe from this room on Craigslist for $65.

Where we saved:
Old Bedframe: -$65 (Craigslist)

So our grand total for the guest bedroom makeover comes to…. $206!

Grand total:
$271 – 65 = $206

We didn’t quite make our $50 goal, but I’m pleasantly surprised at how little we spent!  It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a space that feels like home.

Did I miss anything?  Want to know where we got something that didn’t make the list?  Ask away!

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