Guest Room: Adding Gloss and Power

The last time we chatted about changes to our guest bedroom, we left you with a shot of our newly white walls and trim.  I mentioned that we still had to paint the inside of the closet and that the trim would get a coat or two of high gloss white before the painting was complete.


After cleaning up the closet and adding gloss to the trim, here’s how this wall looked.  I was amazed when I saw this photo at how much of a difference white walls and trim made in the closet area.

Glossy White Trim

You can sort of see the gloss we added to the trim around the doorway in this photo.  It makes a huge difference in real life – I mean, have you ever seen trim that wasn’t painted glossy? It looks so out of place!

Painted Closet Trim

I also painted the window ledge on the opposite wall.  Unfortunately our cat Tina loves sitting in windows, especially open ones, and this one just happened to be open while I was painting.  Check out the evidence I found of her visit just moments after I’d painted this ledge!

Tina Prints

After another coat of glossy white (and barricading the cat from the room), here’s how the window sill turned out.

Painted Window Sill

If you are super observant, you might have noticed a new addition to this little corner in the photo of our painted closet above.  Since I’m considering putting my sewing desk in the closet, I knew I would need some light and some power for my sewing machine here.

Outlet Placement

Hubby Dearest to the rescue!  Stephen used one of these remodeling electrical boxes to install a new outlet for me.  (An Important Side Note: If you’re installing a new outlet and you choose a “new construction” electrical box instead of a remodeling box, THIS is what could happen.  Been there, done that.  Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!)

Remodel Box

I was shocked at how quickly my DIYing hubby got that outlet installed.  One minute he was cutting a hole in the wall for the electrical box…

Installing Outlet

And the next, all the wires had been run and the outlet was in place.  He’s had experience with electrical work before, so please don’t attempt this yourself if you’re not comfortable with the task!

Outlet During

Then I got to do my part of the job – installing the outlet cover. (hehe)

Outlet After

We chose to install the outlet fairly close to the edge of the closet for two reasons.  1) It wouldn’t be seen from the closet opening.  2) It wouldn’t be directly behind the desk, which would have made plugging things in a pain.

Outlet Installed

Now instead of leaving you feeling blah at a post filled with all white photos, here’s a little preview of some of the fabric that will be finding a home in the room.  Remember how I said I wasn’t repainting that green wall?  Luckily my new color scheme incorporates the green perfectly!

Guest Room Fabric

Any guesses on what I’ll be doing with this fabric?  Are you ready to see more of this space?  Stay tuned!

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