Guest Post by Liz from It’s Great to be Home

Happy Monday everybody!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of DIY projects and fun.

Today I’m happy to welcome our final guest blogger – Liz from It’s Great to be Home. When Liz and her hubby aren’t busy selling houses (their day job) or flipping houses (their “side job”), you can find them working on their own home inside and out.  Liz is constantly coming up with new ways to update her surroundings, and she’s awesome at what she does!  You can see Liz’s work all over the ‘net, and I’m so excited to show off my blogging pal today – welcome Liz!


Hey guys! I’m Liz from It’s Great to be Home, and I’m so excited to be guest posting for Meredith today! I’ve had such fun watching her transform her beautiful home room by room – and her DIY skills are awesome, aren’t they?

Like Meredith’s, my blog is all about sprucing up your home, from massive renovations to simple projects that add oodles of personality to your abode. I think the simple art projects can be the most gratifying – after all, what’s more fun than saying, “Oh, that old thing? I just whipped it up this afternoon.” Am I right?

Here are a few fun, easy (and cheap!) art projects I’ve done that you could easily adapt for your own home and add your own flair. Just click on each of the images for a full “how to” on completing each project. Here we go!

Graphic Scribbles – A tryptic of simple scribbles on a bold background makes a great statement on a big, blank wall – and if you can wield a paint pen you can tackle this project.

    Grownup Doodles

Gallery Wall or Art Cluster – If you have lots of bare walls in your home (I definitely used to) then go ahead and give yourself something pretty to look at. Gallery walls are actually really easy to create, especially if you use paper templates that you can swap around on the wall until you find the perfect arrangement.

Our Bold Gallery Wall - Finished!!

A Starry Night

Abstract Art – Trust me, everyone has an inner artist!! Just find a piece of abstract artwork that you like and use it as inspiration to transform a canvas using a color scheme that works with your decor.

    High Gloss Knock Off

Painted Slipcovers – Do you have a bland or tired piece of furniture that could use some spiffing up? Fabric paint is totally washable, and it’s the perfect way to transform any fabric (from slipcovers to curtains) into a statement piece.

    Tutorial: Customizing Your Ikea Slipcovers

Painted PipingCustom Silhouettes – Silhouettes have been really popular around the blogosphere lately, and it’s easy to see why. They’re so easy to make and it’s a fun way to pay homage to family members or your favorite pets! Wouldn’t it be cool to create a modern family tree using silhouettes of each person in your family?

Cat SilhouettesThanks so much to Meredith for letting me hang out with you guys today! I hope that now you’re in the mood to get your craft on. 🙂


Thanks again to all the bloggers who participated in our little guest series!  I hope you’ll pay them a visit and let them know how awesome they all are!  Check back tomorrow for a new post by yours truly and exciting happenings in the lives of the Heards.

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