Guest Post by Anne of WobiSobi

Good morning everybody and happy Thursday!  One day closer to the weekend, right?

Today I’d like to introduce you to my fun and fashionable friend Anne.  Anne and I have been friends since our blogs were babies, and she is one of the kindest and most creative bloggers around!  Her blog WobiSobi is home to dozens of creative DIY projects and clothing refashions that have been featured all over the internet.  Today she’s here to share a home-related DIY with you, but be sure to check out WobiSobi to see the fashion side of her blog, too!


Hey Everyone, my name is Anne, and I blog over at WobiSobi, HERE. Meredith was so awesome to invite me to write a guest blog post on her wonderful Blog,  and to share with you My Blog, WobiSobi. I started my blog as kind of a style blog, but it has morphed into a DIY, Re-Style kind of place.  I do a Re-Style Every Monday, I also make Jewelry and other fun things, mixed with some styling.  But instead of talking about it, I will just give you a little preview in pictures.
But First let me show you how I made  my Fun new Chandelier to replace the old one.

Before Christmas I did a quick and easy DIY Chandelier HERE
I put it in my kitchen, over my Stove.
Well Christmas has come and gone and I was in desperate need to change it  into something  that was Bright and Springy.

So I made this.

Things you need
1. Hemp
2.Old Christmas lights, All the ones that burn out.
3. Wooden dowel
4. Gold paint and paint brush
First I painted the wooden dowel Gold and let dry.
Then I cut 35 pieces of hemp about 3 feet long.  (I varied my lengths because I wanted the lights to hang at different heights.)
Then I tied the lights to the hemp~ one each end.
Then I tied the ropes to the dowel.
And that is it!!
Hang it where you would like.
I think this would look nice in front of a  window with the light shinning through it.
Now let’s take a quick look at
Some of  the other things  that I do.
Clutches out of placemats and old bomber jackets.
Necklaces out of Washers and Hex nuts HERE.
and out of scraps of Leather HERE
and I also Re-Style T-Shirts.
and a lot more.
So Come on Over and visit me at Wobisobi and Re-Style something..
Thank  you so much Meredith for having me.
I love visiting your Awesome blog.
Have a Fantastic Day Everyone!
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