Guest Bathroom (First) Aid

Our guest bathroom has been lacking in the style department (it was the first room we painted when we moved in 3 years ago), so I’ve been poking around Pinterest and my favorite blogs lately, looking for some inspiring images to get a mini-bathroom makeover started.

I originally came across this bathroom image on the blog High Gloss Blue and fell in love with the graphic pattern and bold color scheme!  We don’t typically go as high-contrast as red, white and black around here, but it’s the guest bath – why not have a little fun?

Since we’re not exactly going to be creating patterns with tile in this room (we’re not ready to tackle more than a surface sprucing), I started looking for ways to add a fun graphic red and white pop to our bathroom.

Of course, that red cross pattern immediately made me think of a First Aid kit, and I realized a sturdy First Aid tin would be a great little display item for on the countertop – and useful to boot.  In fact, if I found one big enough, I could use it as a guest kit of sorts for all those items guests might need when they come to stay – toothpaste, a spare toothbrush, Q-tips, Bandaids, a comb, etc.

Further searching on Pinterest resulted in lots of pretty images of First Aid kits, but not many links to where I could find one for less than $20.

Since we already have all the supplies to put in a First Kit in our medicine cabinet, all I really needed was a cute tin.  I realized I could probably make one myself, so I kept my eyes open for a sturdy tin while out and about.

On a trip to the thrift store last week, I found this cute holiday tin for 50 cents.  I loved the size and the fact that it was already mostly red and in good shape.

Happy Holidays Tin

After a good cleaning to get rid of who-knows-how-old cookie crumbs, it was ready for action.

Needs a Cleaning

Since the base of my tin was already red, I stratigically taped off the top rim and two red crosses – one on the lid and one on the base of the can where I wouldn’t have any gold lettering in the design.

Taped Tin

Then I got out the spray paint.  My go-to white spray paint is Rustoleum’s Gloss White, and I always have a can or two on hand.  After spraying the can, the trickiest part of this entire project was removing the tape before the spray paint had dried.  I took a pair of tweezers and pulled up from the center of the top piece of tape (the one forming the top layer of the red cross).  Very carefully, I pulled up all the tape and then let the can dry overnight.

Painted Tin

In the morning, I was thrilled to discover the paint was fully dry and my 50 cent can was now a fun bathroom accessory!

First Aid Tin Open

The edges of the crosses were just the teeniest bit fuzzy, but I was able to clean them up a bit with my fingernail after the paint was dry.

Angle First Aid Tin

I love how clean and graphic this project turned out and the little surprise red rim guests will see when they open up this kit.

Angle First Aid Tin Open

I’ve been gathering supplies for our new guest kit lately and I think they will all fit in the can!  Once we get started on the rest of the bathroom makeover, it will be fun to see this kit on the vanity.

First Aid Tin Open

So what do you think of our easy-peasy project?  I love how it turned out, but we might need help thinking of everything that needs to go in this kit, so help us out.  What are the top bathroom items you provide to your guests?  As a guest, what bathroom items could you not live without?

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