Guest Bath: Spackling up a Storm

Happy early start to the weekend, folks!  Stephen and I have been making headway in the guest bath, but we have a lot of work ahead of us this weekend.  We weren’t quite done scraping the popcorn off the ceiling in my last post, and I’ve gotta say, this ceiling has been the toughest of any we’ve tackled so far.

Guest Bathroom

In the front half of the bathroom things went really smoothly (pun intended!).  We made very few dents and dings and were progressing right along.  That big gaping hole?  That’s where our new A/C register will go once the ceiling is painted.  Yup, we’ve got round air vents!

Over Vanity

The back half of the room?  Totally different story.  Turns out there must have been several other things in the ceiling at one point or another (a different exhaust fan, a separate light, etc) that were very poorly patched, texturized, and painted.

Over Tub

We’re about 3/4 of the way done spackling the ceiling, and there’s an obvious difference between the amount of white spackle we used on the front half of the room and the amount we had to use above the shower!

Here are just a few of the major patches we had to do.

Covering up screws that had popped through the drywall..

Patching close up

Trying to conceal a bad patch job where the previous exhaust fan had been…

Patching Patch

Patching over all the torn paper that resulted from the popcorn texture being virtually glued to the drywall above the tub.  Obviously we still have a bit to patch in this photo!

Torn Paper

So why didn’t we just go ahead and finish spackling all in one go?  Because three years ago when we took the mirror off the wall in this bathroom we bought a ONE GALLON bucket of this spackle…


… and last night we ran out.

No more spackel

I thought it was such a funny coincidence that we’d use the last bit of spackle in the very same room that prompted the purchase 3 years earlier!  Speaking of the spackling behind that mirror, looking back there’s definitely a lot we could fix about my first spackling attempt.

It may be hard to see in these photo, but there’s still an obvious ridge where the patching was done.  Not using a fine enough grit sandpaper to smooth out the patch created grooves in the spackle after it dried, too.

Patching Mirror Close Up Mirror

I think smoothing out this wall will end up on our Punch List for this room soon!

So what will you be doing while we’re patching, sanding and priming in the guest bathroom this weekend? It’s way too hot to spend much time outside where we are, so we might as well be productive inside!
Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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