Guest Bath: Sanding and Priming

Last time we checked in on our guest bathroom progress, we shared our favorite spackle and all the patch-work we had to do to get this ceiling smooth.  After spackling the ceiling, it was time to sand.  Over a couple of sessions with a sanding block and some 320 grit sandpaper, we were finally left with a smooth surface ready for paint.

Ceiling Sanded

All it took was a few quick rolls with my favorite primer (Kilz 2 Latex) and our recently popcorned ceiling is now smooth and white!

Ceiling After Priming

It will still take a couple of coats of glossy white paint to make this surface ready for bathroom moisture, but it’s always so rewarding to see just how well (or not well in some cases) spackle and primer can cover uneven drywall.

Just check out how nicely those patched areas blended in once the whole ceiling was white!

A sanded patch near the door before…

Entry Patch Before

and after!

Entry Patch After

That awful square patch over the toilet before…

Square Patch Before

and after!

Square Patch After

The ceiling above the tub (which required lots and lots of spackle) before…

Far Wall Before

and after!

Far Wall After

I’ve gotta say, every time I scrape a popcorn ceiling I swear it’s way more trouble than it’s worth.  But then we get to this stage and I realize just how much a smooth ceiling can do for a room!

Ceiling After Priming

What do you think of our smooth ceiling?  Are you a fan of really smooth ceilings or do you prefer some texture overhead?  Do you think scraping ceilings is worth the trouble?

Next up, priming the walls and choosing a paint color.  The jury’s still out on that one folks, so stick around for a “he said, she said” paint color debate! 😉

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