Guest Bath: Color Inspiration

We’ve been dreaming of new color schemes for our guest bathroom now that almost all of the “grunt work” is done.  My typical solution when decorating bathrooms is to find a fun colorful shower curtain and select wall and accent colors from there, but I’ve hit a road block.  I can’t seem to find a shower curtain that hits the right notes for this room, so the next option is to keep the hotel-style white one in place, paint the walls and select colorful towels instead.

One option would be to paint the walls gray and go with a graphic blue and white towel.  I love this inspiration image below even though it’s a dining room and not a bathroom.

For a bathroom with this color combination, I might choose navy and white towels, like these from Walmart, or gray and white towels (these are from Target) with navy hand towels and washcloths.



Another option would be to keep the walls neutral (gray or blue) and bring in a contrasting color in the towels and accents.  I LOVE the pops of coral and orange in these two rooms below.


Amy Butler’s coral and blue towels from Bed, Bath and Beyond might be just the ticket to achieving this look.

A very popular color combination in bathrooms is a mix of light blues and greens with healthy doses of white.  Keeping everything in the same tonal range is a great way to create a soothing space.


You know you like this color combination when you even fall in love with kitchens featuring these hues!

These towels from Kohls would be a great jumping off point for a bathroom with this color scheme, and bonus – they’re quick drying.

To shake things up a bit, we could add a pop of more vibrant color while keeping the walls neutral.  Bright green, blue, or yellow might be the answer here.


These towels from Anthropologie would definitely add color to a bathroom.

So here’s the dilemma: The majority of the walls in our house are white, light blue, light green, and gray.  I’m having a hard time finding inspiration images of bathrooms I like that DON’T have blue, green, or gray walls, so we might need your help.

Should we go with the flow in our guest bath and select a wall color present in other rooms in our house, or should we shake things up a bit?

What’s your favorite color for bathroom walls?  Which are your favorite towels above? Do you love any of the color schemes above, or would you do something totally different?  We’re all ears!

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7 Responses to Guest Bath: Color Inspiration

  1. Debbie says:

    Hi Meredith!! I wanted to drop by and say hi!! Love love this post! Hope you’re well! xoxo debbie

  2. I vote for keeping in the same color family as the other rooms but either kicking the color up a notch (darker, bolder, etc.) or bringing in contrasting accessories in colors that aren’t present elsewhere in the house. Love all of your inspiration pics!

  3. I vote for keeping it in the same color family too, but taking it darker or brighter depending on what pieces you bring in. I really love those towels from Anthropologie, personally.

  4. I agree with Liz. And I want those Amy Butler towels. They are fabulous.

  5. I can’t see all the pic’s (don’t know why, they just have a line instead of a picture) but I’m LOVING those Amy Butler towels! Gorgeous!

  6. Nora says:

    My grandma has the quick dry towels from Kohls. She loves them!

    My mom just did a bright color in one bathroom and a neutral in the other. I like ocean-y tones in bathrooms, it just looks more neutral and calm. I’ve seen very few bathrooms out of those colors and definitely fewer that I like. I do really love the beige with coral or orange. I love coral right now!

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