Guest Bath: Addressing the Vanity (Part 3)

We got our guest bathroom in working order (though it’s not completely finished) just in time for Stephen’s parents to spend the weekend with us.  For the first time in longer than we’d like to admit, this vanity has all its doors and drawers in place, new hardware, a clean countertop, and a new faucet!


That snippet of color you see in the mirror is the Armas-inspired artwork I painted a few months ago.


Here’s a closer look at the newly painted vanity.  The handles and hinges are both inexpensive brushed nickel selections from Home Depot.  We counted up all the doors and drawers in our house when we painted our kitchen cabinets a couple years back and bought all the hardware at once.  All we had to do was grab 6 handles from the garage and pop them on!  We’d misplaced the drawer runners and were short 4 hinges though, so we still had to take a quick trip to the hardware store.

Vanity Done

We replaced the old ugly faucet with this shiny new Moen one from our Habitat for Humanity ReStore…

New Faucet

The only problem?  After installing and fiddling with the faucet for at least half an hour, THIS is the most water we can get to come out of it when it’s turned all the way on! We’re hoping some Googling will help us solve the mystery of the low-flow faucet.

Faucet Drip

Aside from the faucet issues, we’re happy to say the bottom half of our vanity nook is complete!  Now we just have to address everything from the countertop up and this room will be done.


What do you think of our gray vanity + hardware combination now?  Any advice on how to increase the flow from that faucet without buying a new one?

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