Guest Bath: Adding Gloss and Trim

We made more progress in the guest bathroom this weekend!  We’re still working on the bones of this room, so even though we’re not sharing any “pretty” photos today, we wanted to keep you in the loop with this project every step of the way.

Last time you saw this room, the ceiling had been scraped, patched, sanded and primed.

Ceiling After PrimingNext on our to-do list was to prime the walls to prep them for a new paint color.  We decided to change the current paint color for a few reasons.  1) We were both a little tired of the baby blue color we’d selected 3 years ago,  2) The walls were a bit dinged up and smudged and could use a new coat of paint, and  3) We were completely out of the old paint color and would have to buy a new gallon anyway!

Before we primed those glossy walls, we decided to remove the baseboards.  These were the original thin wood baseboards that had been in the bathroom when we bought the house.  Three years ago we painted them white and reinstalled them, but they weren’t in good enough shape to keep for the long haul.

Removing Trim

They were dinged and cracked…

Cracked Trim

… and weren’t caulked or fitted in place very well.

Removing Trim by DoorSo after a few minutes with the crowbar, those baseboards were outta there!

Trim Off

Next up, priming time!  The light coat of Kilz 2 Latex primer went on really fast and will help the new glossy paint adhere to the walls.  We haven’t primed in the sink “nook” yet because it needs extra patching and attention before those walls are ready to go.

Trim Off Walls Primed

Once the walls were primed, and while the baseboards were still off, we got to work putting a coat of paint on the primed ceiling.  Just like in our master bath, we used Valspar’s Contractor White in Semi-Gloss for the ceiling to prevent damage from all the moisture in this room.

Ceiling Painted Walls Primed

You can really see the subtle sheen of this glossy paint above the sink area.

Close Up Ceiling Over Sink

Here’s a wider shot so you can see how smooth the ceiling turned out!  Totally worth all that patching and sanding.

Glossy Ceiling Over Sink

And here’s one more look back towards the doorway.

Painted Ceiling Over Door

Once the ceiling was done and the walls were primed, we turned our attention back down to the floor.  Our next big task was installing the new baseboards.  These baseboards were part of the same bundle of trim we bought when we updated Stephen’s studio.

New Bath Trim

Our little pieces of blue tape mark where the studs are behind the drywall.  My job was to mark all the studs while Stephen used the nail gun to nail the trim in place.

Studs Marked for Trim

Sadly we haven’t quite finished the baseboards yet, which will be top priority on our punch list for this room.  Once the baseboards are all cut and nailed in place, we’ll caulk and paint them and then move on to the fun part: wall color!

What do you think of our smooth and glossy ceiling?  Should we have kept those old baseboards or do you like the new ones?  Anybody else tackle a painting project this weekend?

Thanks for stopping by!

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9 Responses to Guest Bath: Adding Gloss and Trim

  1. Awesome!! And the glossy paint really highlights what an impeccable job you guys did with the ceiling – I’m impressed!

  2. It’s looking great Meredith!

  3. Kerry says:

    Love a good bathroom reno. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  4. Thanks for the great pics of your progress. It really helps to see what you’re talking about instead of just reading about it. The room looks awesome so far. You guys are doing a great job. I’ll have to see how you paint the baseboards since I’ll be pulling our thin, ugly ones out as well.

  5. Morgan says:

    Wow! You guys have been busy. =) It’s looking awesome in there.

  6. Samantha says:

    You guys are so ambitious, and it’s turning out beautiful!! Our baseboards in our first house look like yours did, and I’m trying to decided whether or not to replace them next summer before new tenants move in!

    Can’t wait to see more about the bathroom!

  7. Janet Lawson says:

    Your room is coming along nicely..I know it will be beautiful when you are done..You two have worked hard and the reward will be when it is finished..I can’t wait to see it finished..

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