It’s Gratuitous Picture of Your Dog Tuesday, everybody!  Here’s one for you: Molly chillin’ out next to our newly updated flower pots.

Molly with pots

In reality, it’s more like “Molly intently focusing on the tennis ball I’m holding in my left hand while I snap a photo of her with my right.”  But hey, whatever works!  Anybody have other good tricks to make your pups look at the camera?

Thanks to blogger and fellow Arkansan Rosemary on the TV for the inspiration for this post.  Go here to check out the most recent shots of her doggie Lula.  Hope you have a great Tuesday, everybody!

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7 Responses to GPOYDT

  1. Jen Y says:

    A dog biscuit or piece of meat is right up there with a ball for our black lab Daisy. Of course, my son is on top of the list too. They love each other & grew up together.

    I love the pots. After frost they’ll be fun to change for Christmas. Great idea!

  2. Rosemary says:

    Yes! So glad to see GPOYDT is catching on! Thanks for sharing. Your pup is adorbs.

  3. jenn says:

    Aw, she’s soooo cute! And, so intent on that ball 🙂

  4. Jenny B. says:

    I took a photography class summer-before-last, and the teacher had a squeaky toy that attached to her camera lens. It was so cute! We used it to keep a baby’s attention, but it might work with a dog too. 🙂 She got hers on etsy.

  5. Adele says:

    My own MIL taught me that if you make a high squealing noise the dogs will pick up their ears and look much prettier and alert; and this works at least with long eared fluffy dogs like our Sadie!

  6. That is so cute! Looking very intense at that tennis ball.

  7. Trude says:

    So sweet! Treat and toys definitely help. For Dante usually all I have to do is mention the word “dinner” or “treat” and I get the ear perk and attention that I want. 😉

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