Frog Tape Frustration

If you’ll recall, last week I showed you this sketch of my little daydream for our master closet.

The plan was to add vertical stripes to the top portion of the closet for a little fun.  The color was inspired by my new jewelry board frame – a dark charcoal gray.

I was excited to tackle this project and decided it would be a great time to try out Frog Tape – a product that has gotten rave reviews throughout the blogosphere for its anti-leaking edges.

Here’s where I defend my process, so you’ll know it wasn’t my fault I got the results I did… 😉

I put the tape on the walls along the edges of my stripes.  Because the closet walls are textured, I made sure to push the tape on really well with my fingers and then run my fingernail along the edges of the tape where I would be painting.

I was SUPER worried about leaky edges, so I painted over the edge of the tape with white primer.  I had to prime the glossy white walls before painting over them anyway, so I figured this would kill two birds with one stone.  I made sure to cover the edges really well so that if any leaking occurred, it would be of the white-on-white variety.

Once the primer was dry, I applied the stripe paint.  I was careful not to put it on too thick so it wouldn’t seep under the tape.  Luckily the stripes only required one coat of paint.

As recommended on the Frog Tape label, I pulled the tape off before the paint was completely dry to avoid tearing the tape or causing the latex paint to stretch and pull.

Now you can see why this post is titled Frog Tape Frustration!  After all that effort, here are the messy, leaky lines I was left with.

Severely disappointed, to say the least.  You’d better believe I’ll be asking for my money back!

I tried to get a good photo of the other issues I ran into, but if you can’t quite see the problem, let me explain.  On the edges where the paint didn’t leak (there weren’t very many), the tape actually pulled the base paint off the wall.

They say to make sure your base paint is fully cured before taping it, so y’all can be my witnesses that these walls were painted 6 months ago!  If that isn’t “cured,” I don’t know what is.

Needless to say, I’ll be spending another hour or two on the ladder tonight, fixing EVERY SINGLE edge of EVERY SINGLE stripe before moving all our clothes back into the closet.

Not quite the Valentine’s Day I was hoping for…

Now it’s your turn.  Anybody have a good or bad painter’s tape or Frog Tape experience to share?  I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions on what I could have done differently (but be nice because I’m at my wit’s end with these stripes!!!).

All that being said, I’m going to look on the bright side.  It’s above freezing, the snow is finally melting, and we’re at least one step closer to finishing our master closet and bath makeover!  I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer today! 🙂

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27 Responses to Frog Tape Frustration

  1. leslie says:

    That stinks! I’ve thought about trying frog tape but probably won’t now. We’ve done stripes a few times now and had really good luck. We use regular blue painters tape, valspar satin finish paint, press the tape down well but not excessively, paint over the edges with the base color angled to the tape using a brush so it does work into any crevices , then finally paint the stripe color. We did base color and stripes all in one weekend so we didn’t let anything cure very long. Not sure if there are any tips for you in our experience or not, but better luck next time for you I hope!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience! Did you have the white paint dry before you applied the draker color? If so, it will bleed. You must take the tape off before the paint dries – including the primer or base paint!

    I hope you find out what the issue was so you don’t have to spend hours repainting if you decide to paint stripes again


  3. Mel says:

    oh darn! How frustrating! I feel your pain. You did everything right and the only thing I can imagine that caused the bleeding is the texture in the wall. You were so vigilant in smoothing the edges down that it may have been too much.

    Thank goodness it’s in your closet and not the first wall you see when you walk in to the house.

    Have a great Valentine’s day anyway, if you can 🙂


  4. Anne says:

    Oh Man that is so disappointing, so sorry. Happy Valentine’s Day anyway Hugs Anne

  5. Casey says:

    I’ve noticed at my and my parents new house that if you have textured walls, you will have leaky paint, no matter what tape is used. But I did have some problems with the frog tape sticking too well to the wall and tearing EVERY SINGLE TIME I tried to pull it off the wall. I like good ole blue 3M tape.

  6. Jenn says:

    I painted stripes in my laundry room, and I was so worried about leaking. I didn’t use frog tape- I used the most expensive blue tape at Lowe’s (can’t remember the name) and after I placed it on the walls, I used a paint scraper to go over the tape several times. I then let the tape set on the walls for a couple days before I started painting. Turned out perfectly…no smudges.

    Sorry yours was messed up =(

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  9. Emily says:

    That’s too bad the frog tape didn’t work for you. It worked awesome for us (much better than the regular stuff). I recently read good things about fancy scotch painters tape. Love the stripes.

  10. fraser jenkins says:

    Frogtape is rubbish it takes half the wall off when you peel it off , just made everything hardwork not easier

  11. martijn oort says:

    I had issues with peeling of the frogtape, but now use a hairdryer. Heat up the tape, and very slowly take it off. The heat melts the glue from the tape a bit, so the peint below does not comes off as well.
    Takes a while, but it does help !

    Martijn, The Netherlands

  12. Claire says:

    I just tried using Frog Tape on my walls to do stripes too. My problem was that the tape would not stick to my walls! I had painted one coat of flat based paint and let it cure for three days. I then applied the tape only to have all of the edges coming up! I bought a second roll of Frog Tape and the same thing happened. My walls are not textured and I have no idea why the tape wouldn’t stick. The people at my local paint shop have no idea either. They thought maybe the tape was old so it wasn’t as sticky but I literally just bought it from the store. And if it was old at the store it’s hard to believe I got two old rolls of Frog Tape from two different Home Depots! Going back to the blue.

  13. Tracy says:

    So…I realize this is a little (or a lot) late but I just stumbled upon your post. A brilliant guy in my local Home Depot paint department taught me a trick years ago. Use the regular blue painters tape and get a tube of PAINTABLE CAULK. Once the tape is in place put a little caulk on your finger and smooth it right over the edge of the tape. Make sure there are no lumps… give it a few minutes to set up… and then paint right over it. When you pull the blue tape off (which never pulls off the dry paint) you’ll have a perfectly strait line…seriously perfect. I’ve used this technique with painting stripes and on a rounded corner where I wanted to change a paint color. Works every time!

  14. Bernie says:

    I am totally frustrated withe the frog tape cause mine will not stick to the walls. I am trying to paint the ceiling after I painted the walls 6 months ago (is that cured enough for ya?) and the tape simply will not stick. I guess I am going back to the blue tape cause I know it works it always has. If you have any suggestions I need it cause I am really upset at this point.

  15. Perry says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience with Frog Tape. I had a similar experience simply painting a wall a different color than the ceiling! The Frog tape pulled off the underlaying paint, as well as making a jagged line in the new paint. The experts say to pull the tape off while the paint is wet, and that is great if you are only doing 1 coat. Who EVER does one coat?? I have found that with either Frog or “Blue” tape, it is handy to have a razor or sharp knife handy to cut the paint edge of the tape…To the poster who has issues with Frog tape sticking to the walls, MOST “painters” tape will not stick well to heavily textured paint.(ie…orange peel, or any knock-down or trowelled type surface) Also, Frog tape will barely stick to oil based paint surfaces. If latex surface, then it must be cleaned really well because the slightest bit of oil or oily dirt will cause the tape to slide off. Just my experiences!

  16. Dan Hilliker says:

    I used frog tape to prevent white paint bleed through from my baseboards to my wood floor…….. It DID NOT WORK! I have pictures but not sure how to post them here. Don’t spend the extra money buying Frog Tape!

  17. we had the exact same issue when we tried to paint my son’s room a few days before we left to pick him up from Russia. so frustrating! our emotions were already high at the prospect of being new parents, and we were so excited to spruce up his room, that when the paint bled through the tape and pulled up the base color (the base color had more than cured as it had been painted YEARS before), we felt so completely defeated! we had tried the caulk trick and completely smoothed the tape with the edge of a credit card. short on time, we ended up slapping up some chair rail and trim to hide the squiggly lines, and it actually looks better than just a plain stripe, but wish we had known that before we prepped so hard to get perfect lines! we’ve since gone back to the plain ol’ blue painters tape, and have given up on stripes – although, hearing you had good luck with your shower curtain, i think i’m going to test it out on my living room curtains! thanks for posting :0)

  18. 1. Frog Tape and all other tapes will not stop leaks on textured walls.
    2. Yellow Frog Tape is low tack and made for delicately painted or wallpapered surfaces!

  19. Clare says:

    We put frog tape around the door and windows of a new room of back porch we just enclosed. Note: we waited for up to 4 weeks before painting the door and windows. After we painted the door and windows, we peeled the taped off. Not only did the tape peel some of the paint off, it also peeled off the dry wall paper.

    I can’t believe after all the hype that this would happen using this product. I will definite never use this product and will spread the word to any one and everyone.

  20. Phil says:

    Yeah I recently used frogtape (the green one) on my skirting boards and door frames and a few other areas and I was disappointed with the results also. Bleeding under the tape seems to be a common problem and I did spend time making sure the edges were down, very expensive for what it does and to be honest masking tape would have done a better job. Also I would like to point out my cousing is a professional decorator and he never uses any masking tape at all, just a good 4 inch brush.

  21. JACK says:

    I must tried frog tape. I prepainted the walls with semi gloss paint and let it cure for 1 wk. Then tried to apply the tape at upper edge so I could touch up the ceiling. The stuff will NOT stick. I am heading to the hardware store now to get the blue painters tape. I have had less than 100% perfect results with the blue tape, but…. at least it sticks !

  22. Nick says:

    I have a cheap guitar made of some decent quality wood. I stripped the hardware off of it, and I wanted to paint it dark gray with black racing stripes down the middle. I used Frogtape to accomplish the stripes and even on a very smooth surface like that of my primed and sanded guitar, the lines bled to hell. I guess it’s alright because I didn’t like the gray anyway… Now I get to put another few hours into sanding all the paint off again.

  23. Lesley says:

    Just used it. Does not hold up to it’s claims. My stained wood moldings are ruined! Mine would not stick to the walls to the cabinets to the floor boards to the fixtures. blue stuff is better but even then I’m better with nothing. I will never use this stuff again and I am writing to the manufacturer about it.

  24. vonda says:

    apply the tape then run the sare color paint down the edge of the tape this will create a SEAL when dry and any paint that gets under the tape will be the same color theno continue to apply the different color over that or simply seal the edge of the tape with a small amount of caulk before you apply the color spread smooth with your finger this works well also

  25. Bert says:


    I feel your frustration, although I use frogtape regularly, and most of the time it works great, I can see you have used the green tape on a textured wall, he lies your mistake. You can get Orange Frogtape for textured walls (not to be confused with orange frogtape for gloss/satin walls, the textured wall one you use a sealant that come with it, website here –

  26. Eliza says:

    Have you tried SnotTape? It’s not very well known yet, but it makes beautiful lines. Basically it’s a strip of paper with polyurethane gel stuff along the edges, so it fills the gaps on textured walls. Really creative… and effective.

  27. GB Ward says:

    Hey guys for lazer straight lines, just use blue tape and a TINY bead of caulk pushed into the edge with your finger. Peel when its WET. Tape should be on the wall no longer than an hour. Works on almost all walls.

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