Friday Five

Happy Friday, everybody!

Today marks the start of something new here at Welcome to Heardmont.  For a long time, I’ve been wanting to write a weekly feature where I could share all the fun things I come across while looking for inspiration on the ‘net.  I finally decided Fridays would be the best day to share my finds since that leaves the whole weekend to check out new blogs and even try some of the projects that get stuck in my brain during the week.

Since an “inspiration” type post could get really long really fast, I’ve decided to stick to five finds every Friday.  Without further ado, here are the images and projects that made the cut this week!

1. This Chicago renovation by Suzann Kletzien stopped me in my tracks.  Who would have thought I could love something so antique-ridden and French?  But I do!  Check out raenovate for more before and after images from this awesome project.

2. Here’s a bathroom renovation that keeps me up at night.  A gorgeous combination of masculine + feminine and wood + white, this bath has been serving as major inspiration for us to finish our guest bath.  Now if only we had an exposed brick feature wall, we’d be set!  Via Design*Sponge.


3. I loved this post by Jenny at Little Green Notebook about huge artwork over beds.  Check it out for tons of bedroom inspiration images.  This is my favorite.

4.  If only we lived closer to an Ikea, I’d be tackling this project tonight!  A bedside lamp Ikea hack via Manhattan Next, this fun modern fixture started out as a $4.99 bathroom mirror.  Found via angelo:HOME.

5. Last but not least, I broke down and added another new blog to my reading list this week.  Design Attractor.  It’s a site filled with gorgeous interior images from around the world.  It was tough to narrow my favorite images down to just a few, but here are the ones I chose.

Hmm… I’m seeing a trend – maybe I have a thing for white walls?

After seeing the photo on the right below, I’m considering letting our dog Molly onto furniture (a big no-no in our house) just so I can snap cute photos like this one.  That Weimaraner kills me!

And that concludes our first Friday Five round-up.  Did you see any projects that sparked some interest?  Any new-to-you blogs you plan on checking out this weekend?  I hope you’re gearing up for a nice long holiday weekend (if you live in the states), but no matter where you are, enjoy it!

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