Friday Five

Happy Friday everybody! Today’s Friday Five is going to be a little bit different. One of my favorite blogs, Desire to Inspire, is doing a round-up of their 2011 house tours by room. So far we’ve seen dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, and today I wanted to share my favorite 5 images from the past week.

1. I love that this modern kitchen doesn’t take itself too seriously.  There’s just enough color and quirk to make it fun, and the vintage CAFE sign seals the deal for me.

2. Homes with soaring ceilings and wide open spaces can often feel cold and impersonal, but the dining room in this home is downright cozy!  Isn’t that swing bench fun?

3. When it comes to design, I have a bit of a split personality.  One side of me loves light and airy rooms with lots of frill and floral fabrics, but then the other side sees masculine rooms like this and wants to replace every piece of art in our home with black & white photography and every bit of painted furniture with vintage wood.  It’s an inner battle for sure.

4. See what I mean?  This dining room is the definition of masculine.  It’s crazy and I love it!

5. To completely confuse my brain, here’s an example of that light and bright look I love just as much.  It’s so simple and sweet.  Can you imagine how serene this bedroom would be in person?

What about you?  Do you tend more towards bright, colorful spaces, light rooms with lots of neutrals, or darker, more masculine settings?  For tons more inspiration, check out Desire to Inspire for the complete favorite room round-ups.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, everybody!

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