Free Project #1 by Laina of Recycled Interiors

Happy Friday everybody!  Our guest today is sure to get you pumped about checking DIY projects off your to-do list this weekend.  She’s full of great ideas and today’s project is no exception.  My pal Laina writes the blog Recycled Interiors and takes great joy in decorating her home with found objects and projects she does for free.  In addition to sharing great shots of her home, she throws in the occasional pic of her hubby and pup, just to add to the cute factor!  Without further ado, welcome Alaina!


Hey guys, I was so excited when Meredith asked me to guest post on her wonderful blog! While she is away I thought I’d share one of my favorite projects with you. My name is Laina from Recycled Interiors. My blog focuses on decorating your home on a tight budget. My husband and I live in a log cabin and have loved the excitement and challenge of decorating our home to fit our personalities. Our house is not your “typical” log cabin décor with black bears and ducks everywhere. Although that décor is great for some, it’s just not our style. 🙂 I love shopping at thrift stores and yard sales, but my favorite projects are the ones I can do for free!

There is an empty lot near our house where they dump trash, and old wood, etc. We made our recycling station out of this wood a few months ago.

pic 1

We go over to the lot every once in a while to see what they have and this time we ended up finding this old pallet. I saw it and HAD TO HAVE IT! So the hubs pulled it out of the pile while i went to get his saw. He sawed it in half and i found two planks to go on the top and bottom so i could store things in it and use the top as a shelf.

pic 2

I love the color, it matches perfectly with our green, blue and brown bathroom.

pic 3

And look at that old chippy wood!

pic 4

We hung it over our bathtub to store towels, bubble bath, soap and candles.

pic 5

pic 6

It’s by far my favorite project we have done and it was free!

pic 7

If you noticed this post was named Free Project #1, that’s because I found a few more things that I fixed up at the lot. You can check them out here, here, and here.

Please come over to Recycled Interiors and check out my blog I’d love to meet you!
Meredith thank you so much for hosting me!

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